Light exercise but sweating at most

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Exercise is one of the most needed things of the body. Sport is necessary because the body must keep moving and certain body parts must be stretched. Especially if we only do one of the jobs, such as sitting too much during school or college, we need to stretch our muscles.

Keep in mind that exercise and physical activity are two different things. Exercise is a repetitive physical activity, on the same movement, and has benefits. More physical activity refers to the movement of our bodies randomly or irregularly. Examples of physical activity are sweeping or mopping the house. Here's the sport that produces the most sweat and is suitable for the diet:



Swimming is a sport that is done in the water, but the pool is actually the most sweat-producing sports and most importantly mebuang calories quite a lot. Simply do 4 times back and forth wide pool and you've thrown 250 calories. Waw!



jogging is already famous as a sport that produces a lot of sweat and throw away many calories. Not only that, this sport is also quite cheap. Enough with 15 minutes each jogging, your body will be healthy.



who says fast roads do not generate sweat? This swift path produces perspiration how to do it right, like a 90 degree hand and head right facing front. Perform for at least 10 minutes and is guaranteed to make you sweat.



Cycling even a casual bike even though it is one of the fun sports and also produces sweat and waste a lot of calories. Cycling can actually tighten the calves. The minimum distance that must be taken is 2.5KM to sweat yes.

Here are some light exercise but a lot of sweat that I know. Hopefully this information can be useful for all steemian.

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