Some unique facts about the heart

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Good morning steemian all.
How are you going this beautiful morning? I always wish you well and good. On this occasion want to share a little information in the health field.

The heart is the most unique organ as well as the most vital in supporting the work of the whole human body. The heart consists of a muscle arrangement that works non-stop 24 hours a day even when we are sleeping.

The heart consists of 4 spaces namely the left porch (sinister atrium), right portico (right atrium), left ventricle (sinister ventricle) and right ventricle (right ventricle). The heart gets food or oxygenation through the coronary arteries.

1.Ticking around 100 thousand times every day

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According to the American Heart Association every second at least human heart beats 1 time in one second, while in 1 minute can reach 60 to 100 times. So within a day the heartbeat pulsates about 100,000 times.

In addition to the level of activity, fitness and medication, the heart rate is also influenced by the sitting or standing body position, the emotions and ambient temperature.

2.Age affects the number of heartbeats

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In general, the more a person grows, the more heart rate will decrease. Heart rate in newborns has the most number compared to adults.

Babies aged 0 to 11 months usually have 70 to 160 beats per minute, 1 to 4 years around 80 to 120 beats per minute, 5 to 9 years 75 to 110 times per minute and children over 10 years to adulthood (non-athletes ) reaches 60 to 100 times per minute.

3.How big is our heart?

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The size of a person's heart is different, this depends on the size of the body. But if curious, the size of the heart can be estimated at the grip of a person's hand.

4.Symptoms of a different heart attack.

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Although it is one of the causes of death that are equally dangerous for men and women, heart attacks have different symptoms between men and women.

In men the symptoms that usually arise are pain in the chest, easy to dry and nausea. While in women the most common symptoms are shortness of breath, headache, lower chest pain and back pain.

Such is the information in my short article. May be helpful to all steemians.

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