Spice the kitchen beat a strong male drug

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Dear steemian I love and love all over the world.

Everyone certainly does not have the same taste.

But there are some foods that are often avoided, either because it tastes, smells or shapes.

Various reasons are given to avoid the vegetables or food that is uncomfortable.

Some of the following foods are foods that are often avoided because they taste.

Bitter, smelly or even spicy are the reasons.

Better steemian read first, or say goodbye to your passionate desire for the power of sex!

1. Garlic


Garlic is often avoided because the aroma is often sting in the mouth after being eaten.

The smell of the mouth becomes unpleasant, so people avoid it more often.

Actually one of these spices actually have great benefits.

Garlic contains aliccin, a substance that helps blood circulation to the sexual organs. In addition, garlic also helps increase libido.

If you object to the smell, there is indeed garlic extract in capsule form.

2. Celery


When eating at home or restaurant, celery is often missed because of its small size or bitter taste and empty on the tongue.

This little bitter can actually increase sexual stimulation because it contains compounds androsterone.

This compound is similar to the odorless hormone present in men, especially in the armpits.

This hormone is believed to make women aroused.

3. Chili


Men generally are less fond of chillies commonly used as chili sauce.

Spicy flavor that arises because chili is more preferred women.

Just for you men should start getting used to the spicy chili.

Capsaicin, a chemical found in chili will help release endorphins to your brain.

Endorphins are useful substances and stimulate people to be happy.

With such a sense of happiness, chances are the desire to make love will become even greater.

The food above is a food that is often avoided by people, but as already revealed, it has many benefits for your sexual life.

This is the secret of the kitchen spice that can beat the strong drugs of men. Hopefully this information can be useful for all steemans, especially male steemans.

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Thank you for the tips, i think i gotta try them out.

  ·  3년 전

Wow it brings more knowledge about health. I believe you are one of profesional nurse in your workin place. Good job dude