I've synthesized ancient and modern energy insights into bite sized biweekly nuggets. This is the first... enjoy.

2년 전

Steem community, you have inspired me to put this out! I've spent the last couple months in a full blown cryptocurrency obsession. Now that I've found a happy hodling ground, I can get back to my purpose on this planet and give back for all the insights you all have given me.

This is the intro to an Energy Activation Series. For the last 6 years I've been creating profound experiences during my in person classes. This is my way of condensing the best insights into short, simple Gems designed to teach people to access deeper levels of life force. This is a way of balancing out our computer lives so we can hold a state of relaxed joyful alertness.

Avatar Awakening is a call to our luminous natures. Our basis, Physical, Energetic and Meditative Mindsets and Practices to Awaken us to our Avatar State. Specifically, we will be working with Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Breathwork, Shamanic Insights, Herbs and Superfoods to spark our inner fire, and find inner balance bringing us into a pure, natural state in harmony with existence.

We all know that when we have energy, it’s easier to feel a sense of purpose, a sense of clarity, a sense of joy. It’s easier to step into our gifts, nurture our families and create whatever our spirits are feeling called to create.
This Avatar Awakening Energy Activation series is based on the concept that the world wins when we have the energy to be ourselves. It is a series of short, simple methods to access this place.

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This first video is a 4 minute introduction to the whole course...

This is a Meditation to learn to tap into the eternal womb to access unlimited energy at will in under 10 minutes.

Subscribe, I'll be putting these videos out regularly as well as a number of other guided meditations, full Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes, etc...

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