Plug Yo Leaks... Energy Activation

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Imagine trying to drive across country with a hole in your gas tank. You would be in constant danger of petering out at the most inoportune times. It wouldn’t matter how much gas you pumped into the tank, it would keep escaping. Our energy is like this. And where do we leak energy? Unchecked emotions (energy in motion) and redundant thoughts are a good place to start.
Avatar Awakening is a call to our luminous natures. Our basis, Physical, Energetic and Meditative Mindsets and Practices to Awaken us to our Avatar State. Specifically, we will be working with Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Breathwork, Shamanic Insights, Herbs and Superfoods to spark our inner fire, find inner balance bringing us into a pure, natural state in harmony with existence.

We all know that when we have energy, it’s easier to feel a sense of purpose, a sense of clarity, a sense of joy. It’s easier to step into our gifts, nurture our families and create whatever our spirits are feeling called to create.
This Avatar Awakening Energy Activation series is based on the concept that the world wins when we have the energy to be ourselves. It is a series of short, simple methods to access this place.

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Wireless charging devices are also leaking a lot of energy and their being sold like crazy! I read somewhere that they waste around 40% more energy than our regular cable charging systems.

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