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Our village When you hear the name of your village, the picture floats in front of the eye. For everyone, its village shade is a great place for the winter solstice. Today is another kind of story of our village. This 'our village' works on the development of information technology. The company is working with healthcare in many areas. A software that has been designed to diagnose and advise our village breast cancer All information about the patient will be written by the software. Bangladeshi programmers have made the main task of creating this software.


Our village cancer treatment counseling center is using this software since 2010. Whereas, till June 18 this year, all information of 16 thousand 974 women coming to take care of breast cancer and consultation services is preserved in a software. Confidentiality of all information has been made in the privacy of privacy issues.

Service on click

All information of patients can be found in one click, from the software. The activities of the project started in Srinfalla and Jhanjhania villages of Rampal upazila of Bagerhat, and the spread of the project started in Khulna city. A specialized center at Sonadanga in Khulna city. From this center the breast cancer audit and subsequent steps were conducted in collaboration with specialist doctors of Khulna Medical College. The project has its own initiatives to create breast cancer treatment guidelines that are open to everyone on their websites. The leader of this guideline maker team was the internationally renowned Bangladeshi cancer doctor and researcher late Dr. ABM Fazlul Karim

The software has four steps

This software works step by step. There is a total of 4 steps for a patient to follow. In all four steps, the patient's information is kept in the software.

First Step: The project staffer is responsible for overall management of this software. By adding the patient's first step registration information, he made an account ID of the patient and explained the patient. Noorin said, "I had to understand the burden, so I can. Now it seems that this is a very easy task. In the first step, the primary information such as name, address, mobile phone number and family details are recorded in the software. Photos are taken with permission.

Second step: Bridge supervisor Chameli Akhter. Nursing diplomate Chameli Akter is involved in the project since the beginning. He included personal information on the patient's health. He said that this software is very modern and patient. Chameli Akhter said, 'All our centers are full-time Internet-enabled. Right now, if any patient is involved in Rampal, we can see it all at once. If necessary or consulted, we may mention it at the specific place of the software. Then foreign doctors who are in the United States or Canada, they also give full free consultation to the software's place or suggest e-mail. For any patient we also do video conferences and write down all the discussions in the software.

Third Phase: Third Phase of the Project Tima bint Azad is under the care of. Details about the women's examinations, the results of the ultrasound test, are mentioned. He wrote in a software guideline that he is prescribing or advising on software. If there is a report, its results are also added to it.

Fourth step: In the fourth or last step, all the details of the patient are printed and a copy of the prescription is given to the patient and his relatives to help with the necessary advice, advice, suggestions. According to Chameli Akhter, the software takes a total of 30-40 minutes to complete the four steps.

About to create software

How is this software created? Project Director Reza Selim said He said, 'Since we started this service in 2010, thinking that the patient's health information will not be saved by electronic means, how will it be followed later? Without all the information, the quality of this service can not be maintained. We were then involved with some of the world's most known cancer experts, who still advised us, they were also surprised that health information is not recorded in our country. How to create this database software 10 years ago, it was a big challenge.

Hold the hands of young people

This software has created a group of bright girls in Bangladesh. Reza Selim said that a team of Bangladeshi open source network (BDOSN) has created software on the advice of Professor Muhammad Zafar Iqbal of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. Jabed Morshed Chowdhury, Ferdous Ahmed and many other collaborative software released. This software is manufactured in Bangladesh for just eight months. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized it as an 'inter-operable' at its annual conference in Geneva in May 2011. Reza Selim said the software is online-based and fully secure. It has been kept in a cloud server in the United States. Which automatically backs up automatically every week.

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