Food Food Food!

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The saying you are what you eat is 100 percent true. What you eat affects you well-being, productivity and health. If you put the wrong fuel in a car, definitely it will affect the functionality of the vehicle, and this analogy also applies to the human body. Food is fuel that keeps the body alive, and the wrong food can weaken the body's functionality. Be conscious of what you eat. Take food that promotes health and has the right nutritional balance. Fresh foods are better than processed foods, during food processing a lot of nutrients are lost. Also a lot of food preservatives are harmful to the body, which adds to the benefits of consuming fresh foods. Before you pick to eat, look at the content, read the label and think of the health benefits.








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True. If we want to live healthy then we should eat healthy.


Are you an introvert? I am 😣

Can't agree more. It starts with what goes in your mouth. Being healthy is always a choice. Sucks everything bad for you tastes so good!

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loooks yummy



like mindblowing yummy

What a food item here i'm crush to looking the food

You are absolutely right on this, what we eat determine, how healthy we would be, good and healthy food constitutes immensely to the growth of our body systems. Advocating healthy food and delicious meal.


i completely agree with you on this..

That's why to keep our life more easier we have to follow the commandanc of Allah as He is the creator of human body, most complex and sophisticated mechanism for it many hospital for different Organ so whatever He told if we follow our body and mind is safe here and hereafter. Thanks

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@bestgift looks yummy wish I​ can taste it


Ok but, do you live to eat?


no its a ymme

This looks good.... I must try this :)
And hi from Estonia :)


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me too...want to looks delicious...

I completely agree, that we are what we eat!. you shared such an interesting piece of information.

I know: I felt the best when I was row vegan for one year and in addition to that eliminated all processed food, coffee, sweets, bread etc.... Now I'm back to junk food mostly due to my long working hours on a slave job; it's maddening. :(

Foodporn - is a sign of bad taste

healthy food , home made food always hygienic


Hello @bnbtravels123, homemade foods maybe always hygienic but not always healthy. have a look at my postings. I have posted the healthiest foods to share. Upvote and follow me. Cheers and thanks from @honey-pot

Very greatly explained the importance of right food and the fuel example was just perfect. Would like to see more of this posts from you


Hello @amanpreet24 , I post some healthiest foods in the planet and you can have a look at my profile.
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food food food amazing food


yes..mindblowing food..

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Well written @bestgift(66) what one eat matters and contribute a lots to our health and living. Thanks for this exposure.

That food is very important for us, because all time we want healthy life.

@bestgift wao yummy can you plzz tell me.the recipe of the 4th picture chicken and chick peas i love that when i eat with nan

Wow beautiful and delicious food, spectacular those images, I want a little ...

vegetables and fruits are give you best energy, vitamins and for built your metabolic body. so eat at least one apple in a day

I am hungry, wow awesome thanks sir for sharing this nice deces.


me too feeling hungry now

Sir I would say that food is an important aspect though, the exercise and best sleep habits also go hand in hand. However I loved your topic emmensly.


you pointed a great point eat healthy is more important to stay healthy and fit : )

Delicious food

As a non vegetarian, i liked your food.

wow food...i just love it...

Just upvoted and followed you

Good decoration but what is the name of the food?

Wow... Its very yummy.... I am like foods n cooking.... So you same with me.... My live is cooking...

It is very true soon we will also be making a post to publicize the world's food, we leave you our contribution and we would appreciate you passing on our own and if you want us to publish your food, we would be delighted!

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any advice on how to read labels properly? thanks!

I'd love to be a pizza right now image

Wow, food looks great, amazing preparation.

The green one rules, that looks delicious

If I made such delicious food and upload to steemit. ..
I get really low up votes. I need aide mehn

Nice chow BTW

i believe healthy habits starts from home.You eat food to fulfill your hunger, no matter what you eat , make sure you exercise and drink lot of water.Ofcourse processed food are dangerous for health , hence always eat home made food


@online87700 I think the Low carb diet is better. Homemade foods don't mean is good for health. Have a look at my posting. Cheers


Yes bro , I agree

I love to eat healthy!




and more drooling. ;)

The food looks absolutely delicious!

Thanks for sharing! :)


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Ok, but do you live to eat?

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Attractive blog.

I totally agree with you, we are what we eat jejejeje and this determines who we are in relation to habits and health, thanks for sharing. Upvoted and followed

How Cool!

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What's being prepared @bestgift?
And yes, the fact that the entire body recycles itself every 5 weeks or so means that what we eat is literally who we are as a person. Healthy and natural food means who will be naturally healthy while packaged or preserved food will take a toll on your body.

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Speaking of how food affects one's health, I have recently stumbled upon a health trend known as the ketogenic diet where one eliminates carbohydrates and sugars from their diet and consumes more fat as a substitute. This seems to have worked well for many as they now function on 'ketones' rather than glucose which the brain actually runs more efficiently on. Many have reported increases in productivity, energy levels and weight loss! it has also been shown to prevent many degenerative diseases. I find it facinating do check it out and give me your opinion!

yes yes you are absolutely right, everything that represents our body is food, but the last picture already makes me hungry

Well, the analogy is totally true, but the right amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals vary from person to person depending on the work, power, time, place, age, sex and many more, but u did not say what type of food regime do you follow, i would love to know

The healthiest food comes from a tree or from a farm without label, and it should be home made.
your meal looks delicious

@bestgift Wow I Love To Eat Servings of mixed greens/veg velvety sage sweet potato gratin blended grain serving of mixed greens reen verdant serving of mixed greens roasted asain green beans ; naartjie, fennel, apple and blue cheddar serving of mixed greens ; fresh aubergine

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This is not healthy. I suggest you look up some MD's.

Michael Greger
Neal D. Barnard
Michael Klaper
Kim A. Williams Sr.
John A. McDougall
Caldwell Esselstyn

yes your right bro we need to have good food for our healthy happy life
thanks for sharing....

i love cheese its so ummi

Esto se ve buenísimo. Así es... necesitamos fortalecer nuestro cuerpo

Everything you said is true!

Meat looks soo so so fresh!!

Are those bananas fresh? =/

All the foods you have put together are literally super foods for the body, i cant stress your article enough especially for ones health and mental state. Prep meals for the win!

Green Vegetables is best for health and also Keto diets keeps doctor away.
There is a saying health is wealth.

Yummy Very tasty food images feels like eating immediately, As rightly said correct food keeps health , Even i Suggest eat green vegetables with half boiled and follow Keto diet this keeps you healthy and fresh


@bestgift Very interesting blog. Fresh foods are better than processed foods Thanks for sharing!

this is part of what i am on strongly. my diet has no fried foods and no "high fructose corn syrup" all bad. i will have meals and dishes up soon. thank you for sharing.

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Lovely foods. Great post. Im a foodie 😁

congratulations & well come !
Good food is necessary for healthy and wealthy life

Simply observing it makes a craving, Such pictures produce the sentiment of yearning because of the hormone ghrelin, which is discharged in more noteworthy sums through visual boosts.

amamzing post loved it hoping to see more from you

guys do follow me to get amazing and unbelieveable food facts and posts regarding health

Even in the smallest kitchen there are meals to be cooked.

It looks yummy!!

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always let's remember that , the quality of the food matters more than the quantity.

Food food food is right! I love food. Fresh is always best. :) Although sometimes I do take the lazy way out haha. Nice post! Always good to be informed about what you are eating.

all thanks to you, m drooling at the sight of the food, lol..
lovely content dear, fresh food is the main deal.

fantastic food

@bestgift Thanks for the information and the recipes, the dishes are very practical and they look delicious. Weight loss is not so difficult and by following the below Diet plans one can lose weight at ease.

use copper pot to cure health. i dont tell that totally cure health but it can help dont get new dices.

now a days fruits also getting chemically growth. and i will also tell that good food can give one more day to live

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