A simple and interesting technique to get rid from sleepiness.

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Had a good afternoon lunch? Attending a lecture at 2.30 pm?Your eyelids became heavy and then first yawn! next yawn! and yawn and YAAAAAWN! isn't it?

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If you could have got a bed and pillow you would have slept there itself right?Or if your Professor allowed you you would have lie down there itself. Have you came across this scenario?Yes, I have many times. My manager demonstrated an excellent method to get rid of this awkward situation. You have to sit down like you are siting in a chair without sitting on a chair.Like this!


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Then count back from 10,9,8.......1 slowly.
Bingo! you feel refreshed. This is because you are increasing blood supply to your lower limbs and brains and in turn increase oxygen supply to brain.After eating,your blood supply is taken away solely to your stomach.Please get out of the crowded area while you are trying this :)Otherwise it would be awkward to try!

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