Menstruation Also Known As Period.

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Women experience menstruation (also known as period) followed by the release of an egg. During menstruation blood, cells and mucus are discharged from the uterus.

India is the first to come out openly on this sensational topic through a classic movie name : PADMAN.

I request all people of all nation and religion to go with a open mind and watch this movie. You can watch with your family and children. We talk about changes so why not take our first step in changing our attitude and talk about it within our family.

Check out all the reviews that people who have seen given so far:

There are many questions people raise during such circumstances:

What is a girl's period?
What is a female cup?
What is the normal menstrual cycle of a woman?
What happens to your body during the menstrual cycle?
Which hormone is highest when a woman is most fertile?
Is it normal to have a cycle of 34 days?
Do you put on weight during your period?
How do you know if your period is coming?
How can you force your period to come?
What is the first sign of your period?
What does your discharge look like before you start your period?
Can a 12 year old boy get a girl pregnant?
Is age 30 good to have a baby?
What is the youngest age a girl can get pregnant?
What is the maximum age for a woman to have a baby?
Can you get pregnant when you are 9 years old?
What age is it hard to get pregnant?
Can a girl get pregnant at 10 years old?
Can a child get pregnant without a period?
How many days is it normal for a period to be late?
How long after you miss your period should you worry?
What is the red jelly stuff in your period?
Why do I have clumps of blood during my period?
What are the things that come out during your period?
What is the first sign of your period?
Why are my periods so heavy and irregular?
Why do I have so many blood clots on my period?
Is it normal to lose a lot of blood during period?
How can I make my period go away?
What are the symptoms of heavy bleeding?
How can you stop heavy bleeding?
Can you lose too much blood during your period?
Can you pass out from losing too much blood on your period?
How much is too much blood during a period?
Can you die from losing too much blood?
Can you die from having your period?
What happens to a woman's body during menstruation?

The above are some basic question people ask. They are all health related to a women's body. What do women's use during periods today and back when we did not have sanitary pads. We will talk on this further.

This is something awesome this people started after watching the movie: I am proud of ALL -

PADMAN has changed the outlook and made it clear that we all can talk about it freely without being shy or hide anything about periods.

This issue is just not faced in one country but everywhere. I want to add you one more clip to show how some people who have come forward to help not only their close loved ones but to the community and their country.

I hope you all will also feel free and come out and help all those that are looking for help and support. We all can bring a change if we plan and manage for the better of human life.

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this type of movie should be needed for social awareness.....