Pad Man Movement Needs To Continue.

3년 전

We have super hero's such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman....India has Pad Man.

India is the first to create history to talk on this topic of women menstruation and sanitation openly. Being a large economy India has opened up to help women to overcome their needs and create healthy way to deal with such situations in their day to day bases. All credit goes to the producer of the film Twinke Khanna and her team. All that have put every effort to open the topic of conversations in such a magical manner. A topic of controversy has become a movement of solution.

I am sharing a video which I personally think was a vast interest for me to gain a topic and to talk about. Let me as well join this movement and continue to create hygiene and healthier way to fight this battle with the rest.

Please upvote and resteem this post and join me in this movement to help and support the women of all religion and nation to come out openly and talk and work with free mind and sanitary way of living healthier. Don't create controversy but create awareness. Life of a girl is as important as men.

INDIA'S most important SUPER HERO - PAD MAN.

Thank you.

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