Restore vision at home together +3 photos for example

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Yes, yes it’s not nonsense, but pure truth, multiplied by patience and daily repetitions ...

I have been repeating this procedure with my wife for the third day, taking only about 10 minutes ... The wife has cataracts and glaucoma. Alas, my vision is not better, I planted it with TV sets, welding robots and painted cars, the left one sees the world in a thick fog, and the opposite one corresponds to my age of 64 years.

This set of exercises is suitable for any age, and I will probably leave a table for children, too.

I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos, the main thing is to convey to the reader an idea, an algorithm for executing the application, and there it all depends on your degree of laziness, or zeal.

Just in case, I will describe the sequence of actions, just the photos do not quite correctly reflect the fullness of the picture, I mean focusing on the subject in the distance, and in front of your nose. I know one thing for sure, after only three days, the wife can do without glasses when cooking food! Great isn't it? Although it may just be a sunny day, or the Placebo effect.

Okay, good to pull the cat by the tail, and so proceed.

Our task is to find two objects, one as far away as possible, the second as close as possible opposite your eyes.
In my case, it was on the other side of the Turia River, a small complex consisting of two houses with a height of 5 floors.

Further for myself, I made a mark on the window, opposite the eyes, with the help of a match head and adhesive plaster. You can put a dot with a marker, or mark some dirt on the glass as a guide or slam a fly)

You are ready? Well, in this case, look into the distance, at your chosen target, and immediately look at the mark on the glass (it should be about 10 centimeters from your eyes). Do not rush, no one drives you in the neck. This exercise needs to be repeated in three approaches, each of which will have 20 repetitions, focusing on each of the two points!

When we made the first approach, we need to take a tiny break, squeezing our eyes for five seconds. But, Attention - before quickly how much you can do it, blink your eyes for 30 seconds, and continue the exercise. And so the cycle will consist of three repetitions - focusing (20 times per point), blinking (30 seconds), closing eyes (5 seconds)!

At the time when you change focus, from one target to another, one of the objects will double in my eyes and blur, focusing will occur, which will help improve our vision through x time, as much as possible. For each of you, the changes will be individual, regarding your visual acuity, age and other factors.

Here you will leave a table for checking changes as a cheat sheet. But you should not use it after each exercise, make it a rule to check once every 3 days, remembering the row on which you can read the entire line of letters without any problems. The lower the read line, the sharper your eyesight!

And do not forget to leave comments under this post, let's conduct this experiment together, and let the eagles envy us, nervously smoking aside;)

Thanks for reading. I hope these exercises will definitely help you!
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