Eyes / Conjunctivitis - Complications


Depending on the type of complications you may have for getting the eyes, the effects of allergic conjunctivitis are due to infection.

Infective conjunctivitis :

If you have any sexually transmitted infection like Chlamydia, you may need to take several months instead of weeks to recover. However, there is a possibility of complications for any bacterial infection; Especially since the scheduled time (37 weeks before the pregnancy), children born with these complications are more likely to be affected.

Possible Problems :

  1. Meningitis: The spinal cord around the brain and spinal cord is called meninges. Meningitis is called meningitis.

2.Cellulitis: It is a deep infection of the skin and tissue due to which the skin falls into soreness and swelling. It is easily treated with antibiotics.

3.Cellulitis: It is a deep infection of the skin and tissue due to which the skin falls into soreness and swelling. It is easily treated with antibiotics.

4.Otitis media: It is a transient ear infections. One of four children pertaining to hemophilias influenza bacteria is affected.

Newborn baby eyes (Neonatal conjunctivitis) :

The eyes of the children due to the infection of the 28 days of age can be very serious. Without proper treatment, child sight can be permanently damaged.

If you see your neonatal infection, take him along with an expert doctor. The doctors reviewed the condition of the child intensively and arranged proper treatment. Most children become completely healthy without any kind of complexity.

Chlamydia is one of the five children who have eyes due to pneumonia. If this happens the child may be admitted to the hospital, because pneumonia can become lethal for newborns.

Allergic angioedema (Allergic conjunctivitis) :

There is no possibility of any serious complication if your eyes are visible due to allergic reactions in your dust sand, flower petiole or animal. But this makes it difficult to make everyday work comfortable. For example, if you have allergic rhinitis, it would be very painful for you to go out in spring and summer or concentrate in school or work. Due to the fact that your eyesight is diminished, your chances of a complication are very low, but there is very little chance of any complications.

Punctate epithelial keratitis :

For a long time, there is a similarity in the name of keratitis. When keratitis, the cornea (part of the eye) swells. This results in pain in the eye and the eyes become more sensitive to light (photophobia). Often, ulcers can be seen in the eye. Your eyesight may be permanently damaged when ulcers are injured in the cornea.

If you see any such signs, contact your doctor immediately or go to the emergency department of the nearest hospital.

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