The 4 Stages of Habit Change

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Your life is essentially a sum of all your habits.

If you wish to change them you will have to go through these 4 stages and it takes a lot and I mean A LOT of energy to get through them.

But with determination, positive thinking and a big why.

You will get there.

Stage 1


Becoming conscious of the habit.

To change any habit first we have to become conscious of it. This means we have identified the habit and the impact it has on our lives.

Only when we have shone the light we can even begin the process of creating a new one.

You have not even recognised that this habit can be changed yet.

You have just become aware of it.

Stage 2


The mental stage.You are now believing more and more that you need to change this habit.

Your weighing out the pro’s and cons of the change. Your gathering ideas in your head of how your going to go about making it happen.

The more pleasure in changing the habit you can put in your mind the better here as that will help you get to the next stage.

Stage 3

Conscious change

Taking action towards changing the habit.

You have made the commitment and now your taking physical steps towards it. Taking out that habit from your life or implementing a new one. You’ve joined the gym. You have thrown away all the chocolate from your fridge. That television is out of your room. Your personal power is that much higher in this stage.

This is where you prove your worth and go through the pain, ups and downs, relapses and negative thoughts. 

It could take 1 – 6 months before you’ll make it out of this one.

You may end up going back to previous stages if you don’t get past this one and start again at a later date or never start again at all.

But I want you to give it your all and get through this because if I’ve done it with many habits then so can you.

Read here for more on which habits I have actually changed.

Stage 4

Unconscious change

It has become part of you.

This amazing stage comes to you as a surprise maybe months after the you’ve consciously changed the habit.

You look back to the months before and realise that you’ve cut out that negative habit or formed that positive habit on auto pilot.

It now takes very little of your energy to maintain this habit. Your thought processes and actions have become aligned with this new way of living.

Good job for getting to this stage as many people don’t. The End. Only kidding now do it again with another habit and so on until you become perfect…. :). 

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