If these signs are seen after biting the dog then rabies understand

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Cut the dog down. If the saliva comes out of the mouth or you see the water or drink it, then it becomes rabies. After this, it is not possible to abate and death is fixed in five to six days.
The way to prevent this is the timely treatment. But only crazy dogs will be bitten and only then will the rabies, it is not so. Pet dog bites should also be vaccinated. A slight negligence can be heavy on life.

According to Arya, not only rabies are caused by biting the mad dog, but it can also be done by monkey bites. If the monkey or dog bites after irritability, fever coming, salivation from the mouth, hearing the name of water or trying to drink it, contraction of the neck and chest muscles, shock from the wind or grip the masses So understand that rabies have become. According to Arya, once this disease has happened then there is no hope of survival.

Rabies dies in five to six days. He said that as soon as the dog or monkey bite, the wound should be washed in running water. After this, apply five vaccines. Arya said that those who are exposed to animals in the house should also take precautionary vaccination. Dr Rakesh Pandey, a scientist of the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Lucknow, said that 80 per cent of the people in India still resort to medicinal plants in first aid in any disease.

It is therefore necessary to research on the production and use of these plants. Kanerar Dr. AK Chaube said that in the last three decades, 30 new infection agents have been discovered all over the world, and 60% of these animals are born. Developed countries like India are under pressure from infected diseases.

Vice Chancellor Prof. N.K. Taneja said that development is possible only after rescue from diseases. People are not serious about animal-borne diseases in the country and they do not even know about it. It is thus necessary to be aware of it in all sections of the society. At the seminar, Prof. K.C. Pandey, Prof. H. S. Singh, Prof. SK Bharadwaj, Prof. Rakesh Kumar, Prof. P. K. Sharma, Dr. Sushil Kumar etc.

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I was aware about dogs biting can cause rabies but after reading your blog i came to know that even monkey's bite can also be ac cause of rabies. Also I am not families with the symptoms how one can identify that we are suffering from it although these days people are more preventive and precautionary but still very helpful information. Thanks