How to lose weight, Fast.

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Hello dear steemians!

After my holiday I thought it would be nice to write an informational article about weight loss for those who are struggling with it.

First I want to start with a little information about our weight and how u can monitor your calorie intake. After that I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks for weight loss. I have been using these tips and tricks for a few years on my clients and it always had success. But remember that it all hangs on how determined you are to reach your goal!

Chapter 1: Our weight.

The reasons why you are being (slightly) over weighted can be caused by three different causes:
1: You are eating too much (bad) calories
2: You aren’t doing any workout exercises
3: You have medication what causes your metabolism to slow down or makes you immobile.

These three reasons can work together against you or you only have one or two of these reasons what makes you gain weight and not losing it. Reason one and two are easily fixable, reason three is slightly more difficult because there is a reason you are on those medications, but nonetheless even then you can watch your calorie intake.

Remember that gaining weight is always caused by too much calorie intake and no or to les workout exercise. So, you can change this!

Some of you will probably thinking now: ‘I know that it has to do with calorie intake, but that is really difficult to monitor because I know nothing or little about this, so this is almost impossible for me to do’.

Well, a few years ago I would have agreed with this argument, but today, it isn’t that hard anymore. I will explain it in chapter two.

Chapter 2: Calorie intake.

So, I promised you kind a that it wouldn’t be difficult to monitor your calorie intake. And I’m going keep that promise, without any lesson or long story’s.

The reason why I think it isn’t that difficult anymore is because there is an app, called ‘MyFitnessPal’ And if you aren’t using it, I highly suggest that you stop reading now and download it immediately.

The reason why my Fitnesspal is so great is because of the following things:

1: You can add a weight goal and the app calculates how much (or less) you need to eat to achieve this goal.

2: You can scan the barcode of your food and the apps automatically finds it and knows what the calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats are in the scanned food.

3: You can see everyday how much you have eaten and if you are above or below your calorie limit for that day.

4: The app reminds you that you have to check your weight once a week or two to see if your calorie intake (and the rest of the macronutrients) have to be adjusted for your goal to reach.

5: And last of all, its just easy to use.

You might think that I’m working for the app or something like that, but that’s really not so. It is just a really easy to use app what makes calorie intake and understanding the basics of macronutrients understandable for everybody.

Chapter 3: Easy tips and tricks.

Tip 1:Download that app!

Play with it and start using it. If you want to know if you are eating to much or to less guessing isn’t enough. Now you can know for sure how much you have eaten in a day. It could be shocking for some people because now they can see how much they really have been eating all this time. But sometimes the best way to change is to see what you have done all that time.

Tip 2: If you aren’t working out, start with it today!

This is probably easier said than done, but I mean it. If you want to start changing things you have to start now! Even if it is baby steps. And I’m going to give you baby steps in this tip for starting out with exercises.

Begin with jogging in your street or local park or wherever you feel comfortable. And if you are one of those persons who says: ‘But I can’t jog’. Then you are very wrong. Let me give you the best tip for this problem you can ever get in the form of a little story.

I used to have a client who said the exact same thing: ‘I can’t jog’. So, I took him outside, and I said after a short walk (to warm up a bit) now let’s start jogging, you must lead us and when you can’t jog anymore then stop with it and start walking. So, he did. We jogged for about 200 meters and then we started walking. After he had caught up his breath and asked him the same question and again, we jogged for about 200 meters. We did this several times (about 5/6 times) every time a little bit more walking and a little less jogging. Until we came back to his place were, we stopped.

We did this every day of the week and after one month he jogged from his house 5km without walking. You want to know the reason? Because his body slowly adapted. First those 200 meters was the max for him but every day that he jogged his body became stronger, better and fitter. And your body can do the same!

So, start today, just walk first, then jog for as long as you can and then walk until you catch your breath again and then repeat that cycle for a few times. Then do it again tomorrow, and I promise you, you can jog a little bit further this time.

Tip 3: Don’t do only cardio, but also do weightlifting.

Cardio is great as I just explained, but weightlifting is from a different level.
When doing weightlifting you are damaging your muscles, who need to repair and therefor consume energy while it is repairing. This repairing can go on for 96 hours and even while you sleep, what means that you are burning calories while you sit, sleep, shower, work and so on!
If you want to do weight training the best place to be is the gym, but if you are starting today and don’t have a gym membership just try to do some exercises at home.

Things you could do at home are:

  • Pushups (also on your knees if you don’t have the upper body strength yet)
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • With a chair or something like that: Biceps curls, shoulders presses
  • Planking

If you don’t know these exercises just look at YouTube, you will see that it is quite easy, and you can do it at home.

Well dear steemians, this was my post for today. If you want to change your body, then start today! Check your food intake, start with that little bit of jogging and if you have the energy left then do some exercises at home! When you are doing this, I will promise you, that you will lose weight, fast!

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Having suffering serious fracture damage in my foot and ankle, I am not able to do cardio as anyone normally woud. I am now doing breathing exercises and static exercises such as a plank routine. I am also trying to control my carb intake.

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My advice is: "SKIP BREAKFAST" seriously it works