Alcohol during pregnancy, let's get wasted!

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Hey folks,

You're probably angry now and wondering whether you should start insulting me in the comment section.

No worries, it was just clickbait. Of course I'm not getting wasted during pregnancy (I hate getting wasted in general, it makes me lose an entire day of my life in hangovers), but yesterday something funny happened.

I went to have dinner with my friend Sasi like every week, and last night we decided on pizza. It was my last night out with a friend before leaving for the city to push a little human through my va-jay-jay - my due date is now less than 3 weeks away. Needless to say, I can barely move now, and walking starts to become really painful. I'm pretty much a couch potato these days, but without the fun as no position is quite comfortable. I'm not even steeming (sorry!) But let's not get sidetracked...

So last night we sat at the table, and the waitress comes over to to take our drink order. My friend orders a glass of red wine, and then she turns to me and I say same for me please.

The reaction of the waitress is why I'm writing this post today. She laughed at me, and said yeah sure, I'm gonna bring you a glass of water . My first thought was que huevos! which means she's got some balls challenging me on my choice, but then I realized, most people believe that when you're pregnant you can't consume one single drop of alcohol.

So I laughed it off, and told her no, seriously, it's OK you can bring me a glass of wine. Doctor's orders. She looked at me still a bit doubtful, but seemed to believe me in the end. I understand she didn't want to be responsible for a miscarriage, but it made me realize how little people actually know about the topic.

The common belief is that..

...when you're preggo, you can't drink, PERIOD, because it may hurt the baby. But listen up people, the critical period during which you shouldn't consume alcohol is the first trimester, especially the second half of it. That's when all the organs and brain of the baby develop.

Moderation is key

Think about it, how many women don't even know they're pregnant until they're several weeks in, and consume alcohol as usual until they find out. Most of these women (myself included) end up having a perfectly healthy baby anyway, so no stress! Of course, this is assuming you are a normal consumer, and don't binge drink on a daily basis.

Once the critical period of the first 12 weeks passes, it's OK to consume 2 units of alcohol per week according to the scientific literature I found online. This can be the equivalent of 2 beers, or in my case, 2 glasses of red wine per week.

Of course you will read different statements according to the country that publishes these findings. If you search in English on Google and read an American website, they are most likely to tell you DON'T DRINK AT ALL during pregnancy. But then again, the US is always a bit exaggerated with everything...I mean, hello abortion laws in Alabama!?

Even so, you have to keep in mind that studies are extremely limited in this field, because, well, you can't really ask a future mom to drink on a daily basis "just to see what happens". So all these theories are only based on outcomes of births given what we knew about the lifestyle of the mother during pregnancy along with some animal testing. This leaves room for lots of speculation, which is why most medical journals will prefer to be on the safe side, and recommend no alcohol at all.

On the other hand, if you do your research in French or German, things look more lax. Yes you can, occasionally, of course in moderation. This is what I've decided to stick to. I'm European, and don't like extremes either way. I'm a smart woman and I know where to draw the line. But of course, I also asked my gynecologist about this, and her response was of course you can drink your glass of wine with dinner, no worries! So when I say Doctor's orders I mean that quite literally.

My mom, who's a retired nurse also told me one glass of wine is nothing, and won't have any effect on the fetus. The amount of alcohol in your blood is so small.

She asked: do you really think that my generation didn't drink when we were pregnant? She added, I drank my wine every night, and you and your brother came out just fine!

I guess she has a point there =)

So to conclude this topic, next time you see a pregnant lady enjoying a glass of wine in a restaurant, raise your glass to her and say CHEERS!

Let me know your thoughts below !

PS: This is not medical advice, just my personal opinion/experience, so don't take it as such =)

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First: I think we tend to overthink A LOT. It’s probably okay to drink a glass of wine or two during pregnancy.

Second: my mom always said she didn’t even want to drink one drop because IF I were to miss a finger at birth or whatever she didn’t want that ‘what if I didn’t drink that drop’ thought in her head.

I understand her reasoning.

She didn’t drink and then I was born and my hip was misplaced.


Life is full of this shit.

Cheers girl. Wish I could be there for the next few weeks <3

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oh well it's good she didn't drink, or maybe else she would have blamed herself, who knows. She made the right choice in your particular case I would say =). But to be honest, I think a small glass of red is probably healthier than eating a bucket of ice cream in front of the TV while pregnant LOL

I think people forget there are pros and cons in everything, and risks with everything. The risks of a drink is so small after that first trimester, but everyone just freaks the hell out... but no one really freaks out about a pregnant person getting into a car which is way more risky for someone who is pregnant, or anyone really.

We overthink things a lot, but we don't overthink everything, just the convenient things...


Totally agree on this, especially driving! Every time I put that seat belt on I wonder if it could do more damage than good

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Cheers 🍷

I'm not surprised to hear that things are over exaggerated in regards to drinking. Unless someone has a damaged/compromised liver then I think it's completely up to them.

Gosh to hear you're doing well and mentally preparing for the last big push 🤣

All the best Evecab. I look forward to seeing pics of steems newest little rocker!

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Oh yes I will definitely share pics once the moment comes 😜 hope you’re doing well Rowan!

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Hmm. Controversial one :)

This leaves room for lots of speculation, which is why most medical journals will prefer to be on the safe side, and recommend no alcohol at all.

You nailed it here. This is what I go with. I don't like the risk, so I seek to eliminate it.

But then, this doesn't really apply to me since:

  1. I don't drink at all anyway - like zero.
  2. I can never be pregnant haha.



yeah it is controversial for sure, but I think most rules are created for people who don't have common sense. If you're a responsible person, there shouldn't be any issues.

Most of my friends consumed this way during their pregnancy and are totally fine. I remember me being judgemental when I saw them drinking back then and then they explained this to me...

You know the female body is quite smart! During the first trimester I was totally disgusted by only the thought of a drop of alcohol (that was during Steemfest). This aversion automatically went away after 12 weeks. I think our bodies somehow know how to protect themselves, if you listen =)


Yeah, nature is spectacular.

Our parents smoked while carrying us and we turned out okay! Seriously a little glass of wine does way more good than damage. Enjoy the hell out of it and knowing a little escape is good for you.

These sanctimonious twists so focused upon others problems to avoid dealing with their own can go choke on it!

We are doing just fine and you will probably have the healthiest child around.

Hooray for Eve!

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Thanks Zeke 😜 I am definitely enjoying them heheheh it’s part of the little joys of this whole process

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Interesting point you have there. Honestly, i think we tend to be over-scared.about things, to exaggerate. Yes, generations before us smoke and drank while pregnant and it was alright. As you said, moderation is key here, same as in many parts of life really...

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yes I think we are overly cautious now. I understand the rules, because loads of people would probably drink way too much if they were allowed alcohol during pregnancy lol....moderation and common sense is the answer =)

Either way, you can't fault the waitress for being so considerate and sweet


I didn’t because she thought I was joking. But I’m an adult capable of making my own decisions and don’t need anyone else to do it for me 😜I know she meant well

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Hey there, nice post! It's been a while since I came here, had no idea you were pregnant, congrats :) First one? I liked the part of the French and Germany, they sure do like their wine and beer respectively :D
Being pregnant doesn't mean stop having fun, I agree 100% with you, a bit of wine is good if you like that of course

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