The Power of Ginger

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Hello Steemians, I hope you are very well, I leave you with some properties of ginger.

Ginger is a root with numerous benefits, used since ancient times in the East, has a very peculiar taste slightly sweet, refreshing and slightly spicy, thanks to its healing properties, many of them are essential for the well-being of women, even used in the kitchen to prepare some dishes.

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Here are some specific benefits:

  • Menopause, to treat the symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats associated with menopause, if these symptoms are bothering you, ginger can be infused with hot water and drunk with tea. But you should see your doctor first to treat these symptoms.
  • Nausea and vomiting, recommended during the first months of pregnancy, because it does not cause side effects to the fetus or the mother, is also an ideal supplement during chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer.
  • Menstrual pain, it is recommended that you consume ginger as a natural treatment for painful and inflammatory diseases.
  • Increased libido, ginger is a natural aphrodisiac used to raise libido especially in women at the time of menopause. A preparation of ginger, cinnamon and honey is recommended.
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic, natural ginger is recommended in the treatment of painful diseases such as osteoarthritis and arthritis.
  • Digestive, it helps us to treat bad digestions, flatulence, gastritis, gastric ulcers, diarrhea, etc.
    Stomach protector, against the consumption of alcohol and medicine.
  • Prevents dizziness, on trips.
  • It provides heat, ginger has a high calorific potential, it is recommended to take people who are very cold and in cold weather.
  • It accelerates the metabolism, this calorific property also promotes that the metabolism is accelerated, very useful if we want to lose weight.
  • It prevents cardiovascular diseases, however if you are taking medication it can interfere with its action, so you should consult your doctor.

How to consume it?

In powder, for any treatment, to control the dose, it is recommended not to consume more than 2 grams daily.
Ginger confit is easy to find in diet in different presentations, I love orange and ginger jam.
In infusion, hot for tea or also in cold drinks, it allows us to give a medicinal and different touch to apple, orange, pineapple, carrot and other juices.
Essential oil, used to massage different parts of the body.

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