What is Reiki?

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Hello Steemians, I hope you are well, today I bring you a very special and interesting topic.

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The Reiki Energy.

Reiki, its term comes from two ideograms, REI is translated as Universal energy and KI as Vital energy. Reiki energy is a process of encounter between these two energies, the universal energy and our physical energy, reiki is not only one of the names given to the universal energy in which we are immersed and from which the universe is formed, it also refers to the method of channeling this universal or spiritual energy to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Achieving health and balance at all levels of being. Its use can be specific, for general punctual ailments, to create harmony or as a path of growth and inner development destined to find communion with our inner being.

The Reiki method is a general system of harmonization and energy recovery practiced in order to maintain and restore health. It is a personal system to awaken the power that dwells within us by capturing and modifying the energy, it is simple and practical, it can be applied anywhere and at any time, regardless of posture, environment and without the need for any type of equipment or material other than our hands.

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The Reiki method does not weaken the practitioner as he does not have to give up his vital energy, as he is simply channeling the universal energy through his body. On the contrary, the reiki energy revitalizes the practitioner, since a part of the channeled energy remains in the practitioner's own energy body, which is why the practitioner does not feel tired and generally feels better than before starting the session. The reiki method has the advantage of being able to practice on oneself which makes it an extremely effective tool. For healing and inner growth, self-treatment allows us to release tension, relaxation and stress reduction, increases vital energy, allows the release of toxins and energy blockages that come from retained emotions.

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The habit of applying reiki provides us with health and well-being, reiki energy is not subject to knowledge, advances or updates as if it were an area of knowledge, it benefits any living being, so it can be applied to people, animals, plants and even events, projects, desires and other situations. Reiki has no religious connotations and adapts to any culture, race or age, does not wear talismans and does not worship any entity.
The reiki method is a therapeutic practice recognized by the WHO, and currently there are many scientific studies that demonstrate its effectiveness to such an extent that it is used in clinics and hospitals around the world as a complementary therapy to conventional medicine.

Advantages of applying Reiki

As it is an easy technique to apply it does not require great discipline to make its effect.
When you free your mind and body from emotions that block you, you allow yourself to discover who you are, allow you to see life more clearly and improve the perception of your surroundings.
Improves the relationship with others, allows you to connect with people through love.

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Energy is one of the greatest forces on this planet for personal evolution and a path of inner harmonization with the universe, it is a stream of love, harmony and health. Reiki is a powerful gift, an opportunity for the person who begins to grow and transform himself or herself.

Taking a course of Reiki can be a great decision you make to enhance your quality of life and energetic power.
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Reiki is a hell of a topic, this is yet another way for natural medicine to rise out of anywhere! :D

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