Best 4 plants to fight aging!

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Some plants have very important properties to protect the body from aging, whether taken in the form of herbal tea, or sprinkled on dishes, or even taken in the form of capsules in some cases.


Find out the following anti-aging plants selected by Professor Kurt Hustmann, Natural Therapist:




It is unparalleled to stimulate the body's immune system. Moreover, ginger strengthens the liver, regulates digestion, and is characterized by its erotic properties.

How to take it: Dip one cup in the morning on an empty stomach. Peel and creamy about 5 cm of fresh ginger, soak in a cup of boiling water, leave the mixture for 10 minutes, and then add a spoonful of honey.



Turmeric is an extremely spectacular antioxidant, slowing down the deterioration of cognitive and cognitive functions, including, as it seems, Alzheimer's disease in its infancy. It is recommended to treat it to fight colon cancer, arthritis, which is very effective as well, as an anti-inflammatory without side effects.

How to eat: Use as spice in food. Capsules are also available in the pharmacy, preferably with meals.



This aromatic herb is suitable for treating everything, especially to fight infections, to treat digestion, and to combat hot flashes. There is a saying: "Whoever has a sage herb in his garden does not need medicines."

Method of eating: In the form of tea dipped at the end of the meal, preferably sage leaves fresh from the garden (one gram of sage leaves in 200 ml of boiling water).



It is used to maintain cognitive and cognitive functions, and helps the body fight inflammation.

How to eat: Add one or two points of essential essential oil of rosemary to salty dishes, and can be changed the atmosphere of the house, or inhaled by the aromatherapy device. In Switzerland, it has proved effective in nursing homes to improve cognition. But should not be used more than 10 minutes every two hours, not more than three consecutive weeks.

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