What you always wanted to know about SMOOTHIES... Number 1

3년 전

1 - What the hell are smoothies?

Smoothies are liquid raw foods: refreshing drinks made from freshly squeezed or pureed fruit and vegetables, often mixed with crushed ice, yoghurt or milk.
Smoothies were invented by the American Stephan Kuhnau. He suffered from food allergy and diabetes and began to mix fruit and vegetables and fortify them with additives to optimize his vitamin supply. That was 1960.
His state of health improved significantly and in 1973 Kuhnau opened the first smoothie shop in the USA as "Dr. Smoothie". The rest is history: Whether as a snack between meals or as a light substitute for lunch or dinner, these power drinks are popular all over the world today. There are hardly any limits to the imagination when it comes to preparation: virtually anything that can be pureed or squeezed can be made into a delicious smoothie.

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