Should suicide be legalized as a result of the pandemic?

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Suicide rates are at an all time high as a result of the pandemic. The need for social isolation and social distancing has made it increasing hard on younger generations, who before the pandemic spent a large majority of their time socializing at school and after school functions. Unfortunately, life will never be the same for many of these individuals for a long time. Entire generations may miss out on what it is like to be in high school or middle school, if it takes a full 3 years to find and distribute an appropriate vaccine.

But it is not to say that only younger generations are suffering as a result of the pandemic. Older generations in extended care have been completely isolated from the outside world as a result of the recent flurry of breakouts at old age homes around the world. Sadly, many of these people are dieing completely alone, even though they have loving family only miles away, desperate to see them one last time.

With this being said, the hard parts of the pandemic have just begun. Eventually, most world governments resources will be depleted in totality. Medical infrastructure will be put on the brink of utter collapse and the social fabric of many nations will divided or worse yet, torn to shreds. So this begs the question, in a time where resources are limited, should we still be forcing people to stay alive, that do not wan't to live?

In many countries it is illegal for an individual to end his or her own life. In some extreme cases, euthanasia may be administrated by a healthcare professional, if the person has a high rate of passing away due to underlying medical problems. However, there is still no legislation in place to award the right to a person who just wan't to die, to take their own life.

Being suicidal since 8 years old, this hurdle has helped me in some respects to postpone the inevitable. Nevertheless, I would probably seek out suicide if I knew that it wasn't illegal and that I had the support of a medical professional to facilitate the process. Furthermore, I feel that there are plethora of underlying social and economic benefits that also get realized by the "healthy" population, by letting this process occur.

For one, many recidivists/habitual criminals may choose to end their own life after a certain point - especially if their crimes are heinous in nature, instead of going to jail over and over again. Then again, this depends on if they are a psychopath or not, but you get my point. Conversely, I know there are a healthy amount of older individuals who simply do not wan't to live anymore, but our health care systems keep them alive on a for profit basis. Affording older people this right in my opinion, will not only give them piece of mind, but also give them their dignity back.

Subsequently, there is also a segment of the population that doesn't fit into any one of these categories. They are the ones that are still young and able bodied to a certain extent, but don't fit into the framework of what is considered normal. They are the ones that are responsible for these mass shootings and crimes against children. They are the ones that are susceptible to radicalization, because they have no other way to escape who and what they are.

I strongly believe, that many of these horrific event would have never occurred. if people had easy access to being able to end their own lives. Most humans give off a number of social queues and cries for help before going out and doing something extreme, it is rarely something they go out and do one day because they think that it would be fun. Therefore, having mechanisms like assisted suicidal in place for everyone globally, will pay dividends in the future for the entire world.

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Interesting subject which will be one of 2 referendums we get to vote on in October

  • One is on legalizing weed - got my vote
  • The other is euthanasia for people with terminal illness's - got my vote

People will commit suicide if its legal or not i think, but its an interesting subject especially in these times


Thanks for your reply. I guess my thoughts were a little fragmented on this post. I know people will kill themselves no matter what. But there are a lot of people who wan't to die, that don't have the courage or resources required to end their own lives safely. If they had the help of the medical system, it would make it a lot easier.