benefits of blueberries

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Bluebery has a blackish-gray color with red or purple fruit flesh. This fruit has a small size of about 5 - 8 mm.
Blueberry is a wild plant, so many people consume bilberry to eat directly or can be made jam and juice.
Blueberries are rich in anthocyanin pigments that have been studied for medicinal purposes such as eye treatment, heart disease and even cancer.
Blueberry is one of the plants that is still included in the Vaccinium family and has a more specific sub-family name that is Cyannococcus, originally from North America and can grow in sub-tropical areas.
Although both have a taste of sweet fruit, to distinguish between blackberries and Billberry or Huckleberry just with the texture of the flesh alone, Blueberry fruit cooked white or greenish berries while Billberry or Huckleberry purple flesh. Another difference is that blueberry fruit appears in clusters (clusters) whereas billberry has only one fruit at each stalk.
Blueberries have a size of about 5-16 mm and round fruit shape has a crown at the end of the fruit.
Although blueberry plants are from North America, this plant is now widely grown as in Australia, New Zealand and South American countries. The state of Maine, USA is the largest Blueberry producer in the world.
Based on recent research on Bluebery, the content of antioxidant polyphenols and anthocyanins are rich in preventing the development of cancer, coronary heart disease and stroke.

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