benefits of dragon fruit

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Consumption of dragon fruit began followed by many people in recent years. Fruit with a unique skin shape and flesh that sometimes dramatically red appears to have a myriad of healthy benefits for your body.
this is the primacy of dragon fruit consumption for your body.

  1. Supports intestinal health
    Consumption of dragon fruit on a regular basis it can help to shrink the abdomen magically. The reason this fruit is high in fiber and contains a natural substance called oligosaccharides that serves as a probiotic to support the stomach and digestive health of your body. Good for diabetics
    For people with diabetes, there are certain fruits that should not be consumed. Except dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is the right choice for diabetics who want to eat fruit. Because the consumption of this fruit will stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce cardiovascular complications are common in diabetics.
  2. Restore energy balance
    Irregular lifestyle, poor lifestyle, and too much consumption of high-fat foods can disrupt your body's energy balancing mechanism. Consumption of dragon fruit itself can help the body to increase energy intake in the body.
  3. Fight cancer
    Dragon fruit is rich in lycopene, a natural compound known to reduce cell damage from free radicals. The result, you can avoid cancer.
    The best time to consume fruit, especially dragon fruit is in the morning when your stomach is empty. So that the body can absorb all the nutritional health to the maximum.
    That's some benefits when we consume dragon fruit every day, may be useful for all steemians friends, Thank you


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You're right brother.
I love dragon fruit and its benefits very much. Good for health


yes hopefully useful for you @nandaibra and all friends of all stemians friends.