5 Tips on How to be Healthier and Happier

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1. Waking when the sun rises, tanning mid-day and getting 8-hour sleep:

The circadian rhythm is a 24h process all living beings need to adhere to for optimum health. Products that produce red light has been getting plenty of attention lately. But can easily be achieved by getting enough sun daily, be sure to get enough cholesterol in your diets as the skin requires it to synthesize vitamin D, an important happiness supplement.

2. Reduce carbs

All mitochondria require hydrogen for energy and starchy foods and foods high in carbohydrate contain heavy hydrogen molecules causing the mitochondria to malfunction/miss-fire causing inflammation over time. Consider going fun carnivore as plants contain extremely potent chemicals like deuterium, lectins, and oxalates.

3. Get your feet on the grass/ground.

The body is extremely conductive and electrical currents that can move through us have antioxidant effects. As soon as your body touches the earth blood pressure has been shown to go down. Recovery after exercise was shown to be improved. Improvements in sleep, anxiety and many more benefits. Electrons from the earth move through the body binding to inflamed cells causing healing to start in the region attacked by pathogens or invading proteins.

4. Remove your sunglasses and look at the sun.

Believe it or not, we are complex machines and light and electricity play an important role in our well being. Only "advanced societies" have the ailments we experience today. All these diseases are now believed to be caused by chronic inflammation. More and more we are not in the sun and we always have rubber on our soles. Isolating us from the energy we need to fight inflammation. Coincidence?

5. Read

This is self-explanatory, reading daily increases memory, spelling and grammar. Keeping the mind engaged is essential and time spent liberally learning is time well spent.


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