Does a high-protein diet in the muscle help you gain?

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All of you have heard how proteins are important for muscle gain, right? Well, with all these glitzy commercials and cheerfully wrapped energy supplements, a high protein diet will turn you into a miniature look like Arnold looks like in a short time. High protein diets are important and have loads of health benefits for your body. Sometimes you can even fit a high-protein diet and make it work for you-gaining a significant amount of weight.

1. Why Protein:

Perhaps the most popular protein supplement, this milk-based protein has many health benefits for your body. Whey breaks down incredibly fast and is rich in BCAA (or branched chain amino acids), which are essential for increasing your muscle mass and improving blood circulation.

Whey protein is packaged by many organizations and is usually available in all kinds of flavors, such as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. The best way to make sure you gain muscle mass is to have a glass of whey protein before and after your workout.

Add two teaspoons of whey protein supplement in a glass of water or milk (hot or cold) and enjoy your protein shake muscle building (1).


The other milk protein apart from whey, casein is also quite essential for muscle gain. Studies conclude that casein shaking after your workout can help you gain more muscle than people who do not usually have a protein supplement.

Whey protein also has other effects on the body, such as reduced appetite. This property causes a reduction in food intake when you are on whey, casein while not having such effects. This is healthier than when you aim to increase body mass, you need to eat a lot. Having whey will reduce your appetite, and between casein and whey, casein is the best choice. It will provide you with enough protein and calories without filling you (2).

3 eggs:

The popular Indian saying, "Sunday or Monday, eat eggs every day," is quite true. Smooth egg whites or even whole eggs help you gain muscle mass and improve your strength. A Texas AM University study concludes that consuming 2-3 eggs a day helps you double your muscle mass in three months (3).

4. Beef:

Red meat is not really all that popular. It is full of saturated fat and cholesterol and is anything but heart healthy. However, if you are looking for an effective protein-rich diet for muscle building, then beef is the ideal food for you. Saturated fat and cholesterol help demonize increase your testosterone levels, helping increase your strength and muscle mass in the process.

Beef is rich in nutrients like Vitamin B12 and many other essential nutrients like iron, zinc, creatine and others. All these nutrients stimulate muscle development and strength. If you are looking to gain weight through a high protein diet, beef should be at least one of the meals of your day. (4).

5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Omega-3 fatty acids help heal inflammation, boost immunity and also help prevent the onset of certain types of cancer. They are also quite essential for many body functions and help you gain muscle due to the presence of the most essential amino acids. You can eat nuts like camu camu because these contain all eight amino acids.

Fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines are also stuffed with omega-3 fatty acids. If you are a vegetarian, you can get your omega-3 dose of most types of nuts, such as flaxseed and pili nuts, which are excellent sources of vegetable protein (5).

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May I present a different view. High protein diet will lead to rapid aging, high cancer risk, and heart-related diseases. Low protein diet, on the other hand, will speed up the process of autophagy in our body which clean our artery, and keep our body functioning at maximum level. The real question should be where do you get your phytonutrients? Where do you get your fiber? And why do we have color vision unlike cats and dogs. food colors.png