My First Crystal - Black Tourmaline


I have been feeling some negative shit these past few weeks. Stress, sleep paralysis, bad dreams, weird feelings. Just all negative vibes. It was until a friend recommended me I should buy a crystal for protection from negative energies and from negative entities that want to feed on my lovely energy. And so I did!

I was doing my research on where to buy legit crystals. At first I found online shops that seem to be legit but I don't want to wait + I want to be sure I am buying a legit one. I found there's a local shop here and they are having a bazaar at a nearby mall so I went there! My professor in college is also buying from this shop, so I knew instantly this is a trusted one.

image0 32.jpg


image0 42.jpg

image0 12.jpg

Aawwws. Look at those beauties! I love the colors and how they look like :D I also felt amazing when I went near, probably because I was attracted to the rose quartz cos they look pretty, and my favorite color is pink.

I was mainly looking for pendants cos I wanna be extra, I want to wear the crystal on my neck and so I'll feel like I am protected everywhere I go. The thing that really attracted me the most is the black crystal in the pendants section right there. It's like it's calling me or something. It's like hey buy me you weak ass piece of curlyhead you need me hihi. So I asked the lady if that was obsidian (cos that's what my friend recommended me) but she told me that wasn't and the obsidian they got was that earth-like round black crystal. I want a necklace so I asked what was that black necklace used for. Gladly, she said they have the same purpose.

So I bought the Black Tourmaline!


It is said this stone will deflect negative energies and convert it into positive ones. Protects me from psychic attacks, promotes rational thinking and creativity, gives me emotional stability, and cleanses my soul. Damn right, this is what I need :P

You can read more here.

I have been wearing this all day, all night. Even when I sleep.

My nights have been great so far. Last night I just had a dream (?) of being in a place that looks like a theater room full of dead people. There was this one ugly ass looking pale boy with no eyes and had a black mouth who touched me and tried to scare me. My usual reaction was to be scared and run away. But surprisingly, I didn't even feel scared at all. I was like hmm gtfo you can't scare me and in seconds he was gone! Yay! My cash spent on this necklace was worth it LOL.

But yeah. I also don't feel scared anymore in my waking state. Just mmm perfect.


Here's me wearing it. I know it looks badass. :D

Well yeah, I know some might think this is probably just a placebo effect. I do believe in its power as well as the power of my mind to make me or break me. The important part there is I am happy when I bought it cos it looks pretty and it has improved my state. No doubt the presence of it has helped me.

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