How to fix hair loss (male pattern baldness)



Male pattern baldness fucking suuuucks, and there’s a lot of conflicting information out there as to whether or not you can do anything.
You can.
Here’s the most effective ways.

1- Blackseed Extract- All round excellent stuff, high in Antihistamines. Scientists aren’t really sure why it improves hair health, but it’s effects are well documented.
2- Increasing blood flow to the brain
3- Hair roller (derma-roller)
4- Minoxidil (Rogaine)
5- DHT reducers- Finasteride (Propecia,) Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle Seeds

Some quick theory. DHT, a form of testosterone causes hair loss. DHT, it turns out, is actually responsible for most of the effects that we usually attribute to T such as libido, aggressiveness and hair growth (in other parts of the body.) This is why those who get pattern baldness can often grow a full beard, while those who cannot tend to have more difficulty on the facial hair front. So the obvious solution to this is to reduce your DHT. Sadly, this makes you feel like fucking shit. So bad.
To quote Mike Mahler-

“…lowering androgen levels is guaranteed to make a man feel terrible, not to mention the risk of developing complications, primarily an unnatural tolerance for Sex in the City re-runs and ABBA revivals. In other words: your life as a man will cease! While these are dark times for men, and essential masculinity is no longer celebrated in the current social matriarchy, the essential man displays vitality, drive, intensity, and a fair amount of aggression--which is not the same thing as violence. If you've lost your vitality, you aren't fully alive, and your hormonal profile will mirror the soul's sad state of affairs, which manifests as lowered health and propensity to disease.”

Finasteride, and a great deal of other natural remedies marketed as hair-loss products such as Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle, all act by lowering DHT. I have not personally experimented with any of these other than Fin, but my experience with this was more than enough to discourage further use with substances that act in the same manner. Fin sapped me of everything that I like about myself: my energy, my sex drive, my passion etc, and they took almost a year to return to normal. Some people never seem to recover fully. Apparently it is pretty rare that it has this effect, but honestly I think most men are already so sick they don’t notice, or they are just that unaware of how they feel. If you want to read some of the websites dedicated to post-finasteride rehabilitation, these poor fuckers will more than discourage you from taking it. Here’s a quick example of what I mean-

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 10.45.40 AM.png

So we’re left with two possibilities. Reduce the DHT in the scalp while keeping the serum DHT at regular levels, or find other ways that don’t utilise the DHT pathway.

To quote Will Hartfield,

“men who suffer from male pattern baldness don’t have particularly high levels of DHT. The problem is that our hair follicles are more sensitive to DHT and the hair follicle miniaturisation that DHT causes. So although lowering your DHT levels will help, there are more effective ways to stop hair loss, by reducing the sensitivity of the hair follicle to the DHT.


Here’s my method. I use Minoxidil. Second best chemical after Fin for hair loss. I then dissolve a very small amount of Fin in this. Enough to hopefully reduce the DHT on my scalp, but not enough to reduce the levels in my blood.

Follow closely.
0.04mg of Fin when eaten daily causes 60% reduction of DHT.
0.01mg does nothing.
I apply the Fin directly to my scalp. A very generous estimate is that 50% of a topically applied chemical is absorbed into the blood. So if 50% of a topical dosage is absorbed into the body, we need a dosage that results in max 0.01mg being absorbed. That dosage is 0.02g per day.
I dissolve the Fin in a bottle of Minoxidil, and apply it to my scalp at a rate of 0.01mg per day (just to be safe.) I apply minoxidil on the scalp 1gram per day, so in a 50 ml bottle we’d need approximately 1 mg or one fifth of a 5mg pill.
Honestly, I did this maths myself, and I’m far from a chemist, but it has worked well for me. I personally reduce the fin amount even to half of that dosage 0.005mg per day after I perceived some unusual tiredness.
Here’s the link to a study which does the same thing. They use a 0.1% solution which works out as 1 mg dosed twice daily so 2mg per day.

After this, there are extra precautions to take.

Here are Will Hartfield’s steps to do reduce follicle sensitivity-
Improve your fucking diet and increase alkaline foods such as vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruits etc. You know the deal.
Remove gluten. Science has this habit of blaming any effect it cannot yet explain on the placebo, but as much as the medical establishment will tell you it’s bullshit the amount of anecdotal evidence is just too large to ignore.
Exfoliate the scalp

Having followed those steps, read this article of Wills and follow those ones also.

I can promise that these methods combined have worked wonders for me guys.

Over and out

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Capilatis Ortiga is a highly effective line of anti hair loss shampoos available here in Argentina. The active ingredient is an extract of a nettle, called Ortiga in Castellano, or Urtica in English

I will say from personal experience it really works.

Prior to moving to Argentina some years ago, I used the Nioxin shampo sold in the US, and that was also effective, but not as effective as the Capilatis Ortiga.

At any rate, I'm 59 and if you care enough to go to my blog and look at my Introduce Yourself post, you can see some pictures of me with a full head of hair. I don't even have a bald spot in the back yet, though I suspect that will inevitably come in time.

I saw above about bad side effects from taking DHT reducers, but I'd suggest there's a difference between eating the stuff, and applying it directly to your scalp.


Urtica is a genus of flowering plants in the family Urticaceae. Many species have stinging hairs and may be called nettles or stinging nettles, although the latter name applies particularly to Urtica dioica.
Urtica species are food for the caterpillars of numerous Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), such as the tortrix moth Syricoris lacunana and several Nymphalidae, such as Vanessa atalanta, one of the red admiral butterflies.


Yes, I included this method in the post! (Stinging Nettle Seed.) Yes I'll have a look at your blog brother. Haha I'm still in my 20's, but I'm glad we can both enjoy a full head of hair for now!!! :)


I have noticed a lot of younger guys, in your generation, that seem to be losing their hair very early. I suspect it has to be environmental, it has to be something in the air or the water or whatever. I hate to go off on crazy conspiracy theories, (which doesn't stop me from doing so on a fairly regular basis), but there has to be some explanation for why a whole generation of young men are suffering premature hair loss.


Haha yea stress related? I feel like as global warming and impending political and economic upheaval bear down on us, there is a universal sense of fear and stress. Compared to the 60's or the 90's when everything seemed optimistic, South Africa was freed from apartheid, technology was going to save us etc.

Serious hypotension (low blood pressure) can result if you combine dermaroller with topical Minoxidil. To anyone reading, please be very careful combining these two methods. A solution to avoid the hypotension that I recommend would be to skip minoxidil application 24 hours before and after dermaroller application. The stimulation from the dermaroller can induce wound healing and regeneration but also magnify the hypotensive(low blood pressure) side effect of Minoxidil. Please be careful.


Ah was not aware of that. Thanks bro :)

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