Do SJWs actually need medical help, and no one's giving it to them?

2년 전

Today's topic is about those most people refer to as the SJW. This article is meant to be a... semi-in-depth look at why some people are the way they are. To begin, we look at the term SJW and tend to think of the following image:

Obviously these people all look and think alike, they also have a distinguished temperament. There's a reason why we tend to call people who look and act like this as SJWs, because they are "alike" in their likeness. Same physical characteristics, same mentality, same temperament. They are outside what most consider functional. They are physically aggressive, throw tantrums, are overly emotional and have little to no self control. They disrupt the work place and often engage in violent activity more than those who are not SJWs (statistically documented).

Now, not to compare apples to oranges... but the following helps to instill the idea that these people are "a health related category"... we can usefully look at something like people who have Downs Syndrome (not saying SJWs and Downs people are alike)... just that you can actually "categorize" ANY type of people, regardless of their condition...

The people in the image here have a certain physical look, they have a genetic disturbance, and some are mildly mentally challenged. They are born this way. These people, unlike those categorized as SJWs, actually get the help they need simply because they are recognized as to having physical and mental disturbances. There are teams of people who work with them, help them live the best life they can live. They have medications and therapy etc.. Because of the help they get, they get further in life than if they don't get this kind of help. They have special training for work, are often limited in what safety protocols allow for (mentally challenged tend not to operate dangerous machinery etc)… they are guided in their lives.

Now when it comes to SJW type individual, no one in the medical field seems to have taken notice that perhaps, these SJW type people, do need some kind of help. Hospitalization, monitoring, medicine, therapy, etc etc... none of them seems to be getting any kind of medical attention when they might actually need it. It's quite possible they suffer from mitochondrial damage, a genetic disorder, physical damage in parts of the brain (maybe some aspects are physically underdeveloped or stunted)… there are no studies regarding these types of people and there behavior. This most certainly needs to change.

My proposal is that the medical field (in physical and mental health), try to study some of these people to find out if they do indeed require some kind of medical intervention. We can identify individuals with spectral disorders (commonly known as Autism), and it's pretty obvious that SJW type individuals also exhibit their own unique symptoms that separate them from those who don't have their affliction. Again, we can categorize these people. Downs syndrome people have genetic damage, Autistic people have certain qualities and characteristics and do require therapy to help them through life, so might these SJW type people need some kind of help.

This article is not meant to be mean, but indeed proposes the idea that something was missed, and that some people really need medical intervention and aren't getting it. It's easy to get mad and make fun of these individuals simply because... (for the most part) they whine like little children, throwing tantrums that disturb what most of us consider the normal way of living (cooperating and working together, making compromises and sacrifices), but for some reason... when an SJW whines, society for some strange reason gives in, when it shouldn't. Instead, they need to be diagnosed and treated with real medicine and therapy. They are obviously having trouble living a productive life, perhaps it's time to help them in this manner.

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