DIY - Oat Milk 🥛 | Quick, Easy and Budget Friendly

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Plant-based milks have gained a lot of attention and popularity all over the world, and it seems that more and more people have adopted them into their diet, vegan or not. However, all the plant milks are way more expensive than cow’s milk, at least in Finland, where 1 liter of cow’s milk cost approx. 0.8 eur, whereas plant milks can cost up to 2-3 eur a liter.

There’s a solution, you can save money, and have delicious plant milk with no extras, added sugar, additives etc. just by making it yourself! You can make any kind of plant milk at home, but I wanted to show you how to make Oat Milk, since it’s the easiest one to make. Plus, you'll save the most money by switching your store-bought Oat Milk to a home-made one, as the ingredients cost basically nothing compared to ready Oat Milk found from grocery stores.

All you need is a blender, a bowl, a nutbag/tablecloth, a bottle, water, oats, a pinch of salt and a sweetener of choice, at least maple syrup or dates will work excellently!



1. Use 4 cups (=1 liter) of water with 1 cup (=2.5 dl) of oats, and remember this ratio, it’ll work with all the plant milks!
2. Pour the water and the oats into a blender along with a pinch of salt and your favorite sweetener. 2 tbsp of maple syrup or 2-3 dates will work well, but feel free to adjust the amount of sweetener according to your liking. You can also add some cocoa powder if you wish to make a chocolate version!
3. Blend for approx. 1 minute depending on your blender’s power.
4. Take a bowl, and place the nutbag/tablecloth in it. Pour the oat milk thought the fabric, so that your final milk won’t have any pulp in it. Squeeze the bag/cloth so that you get every drop of the milk.
5. Taste the milk and add sweetener if needed
6. Pour the milk into a bottle and store in a fridge up to 5 days.




Here you have it, a bottle of pure goodness, hope you liked it! 🥛😊

-Jasmin ❤

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Thank you for choosing my post, I truly appreciate it! :)

Hey, what a great idea! Thanks for that! :) I've heard about making milk from cashew nuts or almonds and the method was same, but never thought of using oats. I must try this..


I'm really glad you liked this! 😊 Oat Milk is great because you don't have to soak the oats, unlike with nuts, so there's no need for preparations! If you like smoothies, try to use Oat Milk in them, it works really nicely! 😋


Thanks for the tip! I have used store-bought oatmilk for smoothies already and it works so I'm sure this one is as good😊