The 8 Rules to lose weight that really work [come in and get fit]

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If your goal is to get a body of scandal for this summer, I'm sorry to tell you that you're a little bit caught up in time. Physical changes are not something that can be achieved overnight, they are something that need time, effort and perseverance.

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But calm, do not be discouraged. As the saying goes: "Better late than never." It is always right to try to start a new lifestyle that helps us to be healthy, and why not, to achieve an enviable physique.

Here are some keys to lose weight effectively:

1- Watch the calories

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The debate about what is better, low-fat or low-carb products is reduced to one very simple thing: if you want to lose weight, you only have to worry about eating fewer calories than you burn.

Keep in mind that the healthier the way you get those calories, the better it will be for your health. The perfect diet to lose weight is the one with which you can live in your day to day, either reducing fats, carbohydrates or any other combination.

2- Quench hunger with whey protein

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Protein-rich foods slow down the appearance of hunger, and as we all know, the more full we feel between meals, the easier it will be to avoid the temptations that ultimately spoil our training plan.

In this sense, whey protein is among the most effective products when it comes to removing hunger. A shake prepared with two tablespoons of this protein, some fruit and a little water or crushed ice, is a possible solution to keep us sated.

3- Meat to burn fat

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Due to a phenomenon known as thermogenesis, every time we eat our body increases its temperature to digest food, which causes an increase in our metabolism for a short period of time.

In this sense, proteins are the ones that increase the temperature during their digestion, followed by carbohydrates and fats. On the other hand, animal proteins increase thermogenesis to a greater extent than plant proteins.

So try to include proteins in each meal and prepare dinner with chicken, beef or pork. In this way, you will burn more calories by digestion at the time of day when the metabolism is usually slower.

4- Branched amino acids

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Amino acids are the building blocks of the protein, and the branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) are the best of them all. The combination of these three essential amino acids makes up almost a third of the skeletal muscles in the human body and plays a very important role in the synthesis of proteins.

This type of food helps you recover from intense workouts by reducing the breakdown of muscle proteins, and increases testosterone and growth hormone (the most important hormones to fight to eliminate fat and build muscle).

To begin, try to get at least 10 grams of these amino acids a day. You can find them in meat and dairy products. You can also get them through supplements.

5- Avoid all refined foods

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If all experts in nutrition can agree on something, it is that consuming refined carbohydrates is a terrible idea.

This type of food hardly has nutritional value. In addition, they produce a peak of blood sugar very fast, which lowers in the same way, making you feel tired and much more hungry than before.

Although there is still a way to make refined carbohydrates even more harmful: by frying them. Some researchers have found a suspected carcinogen called acrylamide in products such as potato chips. Anyway, avoid this type of products, your body will thank you.

6- Food makes us feel better with fiber

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When we introduce fiber into the stomach, the food needs more time to enter the bloodstream, making the blood sugar level stable.

In this way, you will get a more constant energy supply and a lower feeling of hunger between meals. The only big disadvantage is that you will enjoy less reading time when you go to the bathroom.

Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits rich in fiber until you begin to eat about 7 or 12 grams a day, or on the contrary, include it in the form of a supplement.

7- Do not forget Omega 3 fats

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Every year, we learn new health benefits from omega 3 polyunsaturated fats that can be found in blue fish, nuts, olive oil or seeds.

In addition to helping us reduce the risk of heart disease or diabetes, omega 3 fats also contribute to a better physique.

Products that contain omega 3, reduce inflammation throughout the body, which can not only prevent possible heart attacks (inflammation in the tissues surrounding the blood vessels is one of the most important causes of this disease), but also It also helps the muscles recover faster from workouts.

Larger and less inflamed muscles imply a faster metabolism, a crucial aspect when trying to be fat free.

8- Make a nutrition plan

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You can not lose weight without a proper diet. Make a plan to organize and program your diet. The more sophisticated and adapted to your tastes, the easier you can follow the diet and the better the results.

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Super awesome strategies. I will try as I need to reduce a bit. :)


Very well, try it little by little