Suicidal tendencies (thoughts) and how to deal with them

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Recently, I often hear about frequent cases of suicide. I have long thought, write on this topic, or not. But 2 days ago I saw one curious post on Steemit and promised the author @unmean-stweets to express my thoughts.

Causes of suicidal thoughts

In fact, we see only the manifestation of thoughts. That is, if to speak medical terms: the symptoms. The main reasons hidden external "coating".

Among the reasons are usually distinguished: the loss of a loved one, failure at work, in the family and a wide variety of external irritable factors. In addition, there need to be specific to the character.

Secrecy, a tendency to self-flagellation can lead to what will appear the idea that life, it's a pretty bad thing. That man doesn't carry around use. That life was empty and in the future it is expected the same impenetrable reality.
I want to say "vulnerability". This category of people perceive everything that surrounds them is quite painful. Sometimes ordinary criticism can serve as an impetus to the emergence of suicidal impulse. In this case they say: "heat of passion". Tend to it almost all teenagers, as they change the child's perception of the world more realistic. At this age, disappear bright colors that surrounded children at an early age. We can also add the effect of third parties on the Outlook.

As we can see, the root cause is crucial. Well, the momentum just becomes the proverbial "straw" that overwhelms the "Cup".

How to deal with suicidal thoughts and tendencies

First need to identify the symptoms (and so they on the surface) and root causes. The psychologist must determine the nature of the appearance of such thoughts. At the same time, we need simultaneously to try to alleviate the symptoms. Yes, that's right. They ain't worth fighting for.


A child left to himself. He is committed to the best grades, go to College and get a prestigious education. Every day he comes home, sit in on the lessons and nobody is interested in his Affairs, health and experiences. He keeps to himself, while the parents "solve adult problems".

During this time the child appears a fascination with the opposite sex. This leads to the fact that is beginning to change the habitual way. The child, due to the fact that he has no one to consult, begins to do certain steps, and these are not always correct. Start to appear a variety of problems that accumulate like a snowball. In school, he does not have time to do the lessons because of carelessness it is impossible to grasp the curriculum, the parents, as always, busy and so on. The child spends a lot of time online, communicating with their passion, sometimes walking in the Park holding hands. The situation, as would be normal.

And here comes that unsettling final. He said that it's over, it's time to leave and he falls into a terrible depression that is exacerbated by those problems that have accumulated previously. It seems that the world has changed, that there is no reason to live on, and so on. An hour or two, a day, a couple of... In school he said that due to low academic performance in the first quarter will be in the life of the threes or twos.

Here it is, the last pulse. In my head there is the idea that nobody needs that in life he was a loser, and so on live is not worth it. The result? Guess yourself.

Here is what left him and the three in a quarter are symptomatic. And the root cause in the fact that he felt alone even before Hobbies. He was completely immersed in a fictional, fantasy world where he was good. It's root causes and must be addressed.

Here you need to show that the world is not so bad to give such examples that have ended well. To know who is his idol, his example to prove that it is all temporary. And of course: to force parents to still pay attention to it!

Therefore, in the treatment of suicidal tendencies, you need to find the source, and it affect him.

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Author: Yuri Plyatsko

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Tackling the root cause is essential but like you said people with these traits tend to isolate themselves, we who form a support system need to be a bit more observant!

Quite right. We must follow not only the external manifestations (symptoms), but also how it changes, and because of what the behavior changes. This also plays a significant role.

As for the commentator who wrote below, do not pay attention to him. He has been pursuing for almost 4 months. And he always lies)


@unmean-stweets, be carefull with jurgan, he has a hate-speech posts on GOLOS
For example, he called for killing gays there e.t.c.