7 Signs You're Not Drinking Enough Water

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Screenshot_2018-01-17-22-38-31-060_com.android.browser.pngHave you ever noticed that every time you're thirsty, a cool glassful of water quenches your thirst better than any soda, coffee or tea? We might love indulging in soft drinks, mocktails and coffee. But water will always make us feel more satisfied than any of these drinks. However, we always enjoy giving into indulgence more than giving in to what we need, and end up not drinking enough water in a day. And accordingly, our body begins to respond to this water deficiency.

  1. Headache

A primary sign of dehydration is headache. The body compensates for lack of water by taking it from the blood, which affects the oxygen in our brain and leads to headache. So, the next time headache strikes you, have a glass of water instead of the aspirin.

  1. Mouth, skin and eye dryness

When you experience mouth dryness, it is because of dehydration. And reaching out for coffee and sodas in this situation can dehydrate you further. Dehydration also leads to dryness in the skin and eyes.

  1. Dark coloured urine

Dark coloured urine indicates that you are not drinking enough water and must increase your water intake instantly.

  1. Unnecessary hunger pangs

There are times when less water in the body might give you signals of hunger and the need to munch on a quick snack. If you feel that this hunger is a little strange since you had your last meal only an hour ago, go for drinking water first and see if its hunger or thirst.

  1. Digestive problems

If you experience diarrhoea or nausea, dehydration might be the reason for it. Similarly, it will also cause constipation since body will hold on to the water it has.

  1. Weight gain

It is always suggested to drink lots of water to people who are looking forward to weight loss. If your body isn't getting enough water, it will hold onto what it does get and cause weight gain.

  1. Joint pain

Our joints need good amount of water to stay lubricated and function properly. The cushions between your spinal vertebra need water to help absorb shock from your movements. Drinking more water might not cure joint pains but it certainly couldn't hurt.

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It is definitely important to stay hydrated in order to maintain optimum health. Most people would, as you said, rather grab a soda or tea; however, the carbonation and sodium content will not quench your thirst, much less help with hydration.
Thanks for the informative post.

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