Coronavirus Hysteria, Experts Say not Worse than Flu, Drug Treatment Suppressed to Push Vaccine, an Engineered Non-Threat?

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The fear and hysteria going around the virus is something that people should consider. The psychological factor to have people fear dying is strong, and complying with government measures to bring more control over society through imposed economic hardships and then "relief packages" that get funded by taxpayers, creating more debt slavery for us all while the banksters profit and further increase the economic gap and impoverishment of the population.

Here are some recent videos to try to make sense of things.

Is this bio-engineered to take down Western nations' economies? Maybe.
Is it natural or engineered, and the media/governments are following an agenda to further bring economic control over the populations? Maybe.
Is it being hyped by the media to generate fear for political or economic gains? Definitely.

Check these out.



Coronavirus Update - ENGINEERED? Dr. Paul Cottrell and Stefan Molyneux

SMOKING GUN: China Bought Weaponized Wuhan Virus From U.S.

Best course of action that should be taken (IMO)?

Isolate the elderly and those with breathing issues or weakened immune systems.
Let everyone else deal with it and become immune.
Treat those that develop severe symptoms with a working drug already being used in hospitals with 0 deaths: chloroquine.

I thought isolation for everyone was practical to stop the spread. Does everyone isolate themselves every year to stop the cold/flu from spreading? No. Yet there are thousands of deaths each year from those. The isolation doesn't affect me at all, as I'm an introvert/hermit so nothing changed for me in my daily life.

The earlier Imperial College "predictions" of a high number of deaths from a "model" has been retracted from the author, saying they were wrong. It's all gotten hyped up. People can go about their lives, and we just need to get those vulnerable to respiratory issues to be isolated to prevent them from dying (as they would have been at risk of from the flu/cold anyways), not the whole population.


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You believe what you want to believe. If you see people dying around you, you might adjust your thinking. Germany is doing well because people are nice and obedient and are staying home. That why not so many are sick.
And we don't need to spend more and more and more to have the "economy" growing. It is not sustainable and BS.
People are starting to find that they actually enjoy spending time with their families instead of shopping all the time...
And money - there is plenty to go around. All we need to do is to tax the big corporation that make tons of profit and pay zero taxes.
And the experts you are mentioning are completely ignoring what is going on. The isolation is not about never to get sick - it is about not all of us getting sick at the same time.
In my town, we went from 10 cases 2 weeks ago to 500 cases today. from growing 2 or 3 to 25, to 50, to over 70 every day. Tomorrow, maybe 100 new cases.
And there are not enough hospital beds in normal times...


People are dying all around you? Interesting. Did you even watch what a progressive liberal like Del had to present from experts and the data/facts about coronovirus from this year and years before? I doubt you did. You would know more people can die from unemployment than this virus. It's not about the money, it's about having people survive by working, as they always do, rather than dying and indebting the government to make us all tax slaves for their inept policies.


there was no corona virus in the years before. Anyway, I don't even know why I left a comment on your post in the first place. I didn't think it would make a difference. Let people go on with life as they always have and see what happens. Wait - we can. Let's watch what is happening in Florida where people went about business as usual.
And do you have any friends in Northern Italy? Talk to them.


Yup you're right, sorry, I misunderstood the figures in a chart being presented for the EuroMOMO, monitoring of excess mortality. It still shows that no emergency situation was declared despite the mortality being greater in previous years of this seasonal period.

You can stay home, and just go out for groceries and work, that's how I live normally. No need to shut down businesses. The ones that should be isolated are the vulnerable. Italy has a high level of smokers and elderly in regions affected. Of course, like with getting sick of anything, you should stay home and not go get other people sick. Many people don't respect this common courtesy at all times, which they should. People should be more responsible to avoid spreading their sickness, because they can easily avoid doing that.

"Is it being hyped by the media to generate fear for political or economic gains? Definitely"

Literally no one gains from this.