How to keep fit working online, not spending hours at the gym?!

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How to keep fit working online, not spending hours at the gym?!


So, are you one if those who spends hours at the office or home sitting on the chair at least 8 hours daily?! This article is for you my friend! I know your first excuses not going to the gym is "I don't have time", but how about making some exercises at your workplace, without needing any special equipment?!

It affects your mental abilities and focus more than you think !

But first, let me tell you what happens to your brain when you stop exercising. Resting for 10 days will slow the blood flow to 8 regions of your brain. Both sides of the hippocampus will be affected by restricted blood flow. The hippocampus is responsible for memory formation, storage and information retrieval. The most important is consistency, not letting your body atrophy muscles that are not being used, and keep the blood circulation and the hormones at a decent level. Now you that understand that sport doesn't mean only a nice body,but also a healthy brain, let's start with a simple scheme to begin your workout routine.


Current guidelines suggest 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week,75 minutes each week is recommended for high-intensity aerobic exercise. Regular exercise is crucial to keeping physically and mentally fit as you age.

Let's start with some very simple exercises. I dare you do this every day, for at least 7 days and you will start feeling the difference. How you do this? By putting you an alarm, a reminder every hour and have a "break" of 5-10 minutes for your body, there are plenty of apps to remind you to take break, find one that fits your needs.

Let's start

Break 1: 20 squads and one minute plank. Repeat this set 2-3 times with 1 minute rest. Squats are engaging legs, which are one of the biggest muscles in our body, and the plank will engage the whole core, which is very important for overall conditioning.


Break 2: 20 lunges each leg and 20 push-ups. Repeat this set 2-3 times with 1 minute rest between sets.


Break 3: 20 burpees. Burpees are one of the best exercises for fat loss, engaging a lot of muscles and explosive power.


Break 4: Jumping jacks 1 minute and 20 triceps dips. Repeat 2-3 times with 2 minutes rest. Any couch or chair can be used for triceps dips, but if you want it harder, use 2 chairs putting the legs on the second. The higher the legs, the harder the exercise.



Break 5: Essential for our body movement, is ofcourse stretching ! I will cover some main stretching techniques in future series, meanwhile you can use the help of numerous steching apps on both iOS and AppStore.


Always remember... healthy body, healthy mind.
And don't forget about water, which I will also cover in these series. Staying hydrated is crucial for both brain and overall body performance ! Follow me and you will find out a bunch of tips and tricks on how to maximize your performance !

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thanks for the info, can use this especially now tax season has started and I sit for at least 12 hours a day


For sure! It's a hard time to be an accountant :P


For that amount of work, I would suggest you to look into modafinil.. Helps me keep focus for long work sessions.


i would second the modafinil!
start with half a pill first take it early in the morn or you wont be sleeping


Working online from home these exercises will come in very handy... now just have to get of the chair and do them, any idea on how to do that.. lol


yeah, this is true.. If you will take it too late, you will need melatonin to sleep..

Thanks for posting these different exercises. I like the time required for aerobic activity each week. I didn't realize our brain is almost turned off unless we exercise :D

I need exercise. I stay online more time. At least some sorts of HIIT is good for me. Thank you for sharing

great posts... i used to get away and do planks and pushups every hour or so. Haven't done that in a while and it shows lol. you have me motivated to start back :)

too busy making money.. or too lazy
nice post though, keep up


Yes, it's hard to maintain a strict regiment. It is worth it though, as you end up with more energy over the long term!


This post is very helpful for me, we should never be too busy or lazy for an excercise. We all need it and must always try out sometime. Thanks for sharing


yes! i agree with you


hahaha thats funny

Thank you for shared this post.
But this job in office is very bad over a long period of time.
I also recommend some walking, running if you have time for yourself. Because if you don’t move your muscles then it will get worse.
So..Steemit friends and other people worry about yourself.
I agree him about this gym at the job. It is some simple steps, how to do your life interesting and body stronger.

Actually the title of your post is very interesting.Only working hard in gym will not be too much beneficial but along with that we have to eat heathy food and need decent sleep at night to stay fit and healthy.

Without adequate exercise & sufficient time away from a screen, personal productivity will start to decline. To sustain optimal performance a balance is required. Your post offers great tips for this!


Yep, health is the most important thing. We can't have a healthy mind if the house that the mind lives in is in disrepair.


This is just an introduction, because it's hard for people to change sitting life fast. Implementing small things into our routine one by one will help a lot !

I always like this kind of routines that are simple to do in between games/making money... but I'll admit that I usually try them out for a couple of weeks and then stop, I just lack the motivation to exercise regularly 😂 very nice post, will give this a go!


Yeah, I find it's actually easier to just do a full workout at once. That way I only have to win the willpower battle once a day instead of once an hour.


It's getting bored. It's my first post of this kind, but I will post more, showing how can you diversify your workouts, and even make them fun and challenging


Looking forward to it! Followed


Please add source urls to the pictures like the one from mens fitness. It will give your posts a professional touch.

That’s good idea. I’m always an advocate for exercise and health. I personally workout 4/5 times a week. I started exercising 8 years ago with high intensity and strength training styles. Been getting the benefits from it. Though I’ve experienced down time that makes exercising hard though motivation is highly important to keep the healthy habit going.
I see exercising as much more s mental strength as the saying goes: when there’s a will there’s a way. My experience is to convince the mind that we can do it because we’re stronger than we thought are.
I definitely believe everyone should exercise according to their fitness and health status. It no doubt gives benefits and I really addicted to the serotonin effects after exercise, really lift up the mood and energy, feel so good 😊

That’s great, but when you are exercising alone it can give you lack of motivation. I would suggest going to the group activities- this is a limited time per day, new friends and more engagement!


Group activities are great. This article is not about what is the best or not, it can go toghether with the group activities. The idea is to take breaks during your workday, even if you have group activities in the evening, whether is Yoga, or Jiu-Jitsu lessons.

Cant agree more,working more than 10 to 12 hours in front of laptop makes life miserable. Excercise is integral part of life, if there is no time to workout by hittibv gym atleast one should do moderate workout at home. Thanks for great post.

I take breaks like this! Super helpful. Here's some other things I find helpful:

  1. Standing desk! Keeps you more engaged over all, and let's you move around more naturally. I bounce, or stand on my toes, or stretch, or twist as I work.
  2. If not standing, sit on a stool instead of a chair.
  3. The mailbox is about an 1/8 of a mile trip. I go check the mail.
  4. I keep weights next to my desk and will pick them up for a few minutes at a time.
  5. My yoga mat is always out - I can easily take a few stretches.
  6. My cat needs exercise too during the day, so I will chase her around.
  7. Install a pullup bar in a doorway by your desk.
  8. Cook healthy food - hugely important.
  9. Most of my after work hobbies are a bit if not very physical (dancing/hiking/music) so luckily I catch up with my activity in my free time.
  10. When I'm travelling for work, I always bring gym clothes for the hotel gym. Crucial to my sanity!

Good luck out there!


Good list ! I have them covered in my next articles !
stay healthy ;)

Ask me on how you can do Yoga while working...


Write a post, I will resteem it !

I love it my friend. The only thing missing is the humble but evil press ups! They are awful but essential I feel.

a debt of gratitude is in order for the information, can utilize this particularly now impose season has begun and I sit for no less than 12 hours per day@alirazaamjad

This is an amazing post!. I would like to suggest Tai chi. It is a good way to recharge batteries and implement production during work hours. Resteemed

very useful information

this makes everything easy right now, thank you so much

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Good tutorial.......

damn bro i made a similar post about hand grips on my blog! this is much better tho! keep it up

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A fit mind translates into a fit body... excellent piece and i like where you said hydration is essential

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Picture #6 - take steroids!

This is pretty good though, I spend way too much time on a computer...

Exactly right information about fitness during working online..dildil7401

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Great post, I would also recommend implementing some sort of mobility and flexbility work as sitting at a desk all day can do a number on your body

cool times while his idea while working can sport ,,,,

the perfect performance of friends, how to make me like you a friend

  ·  3년 전

its too cool....

Me encanta tu articulo llevo una vida sedentaria y mas de 12 horas sentadas en la computadora. me ocasiono un trombosis venosa. aprendí que una hora para estar saludable es imprescindible y forma parte de quererte. gracias te sigo @krood

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This is serious stuff, keeping fit while doing online job. I like the picture

Wow! I really liked your post friend you have my vote

Good work and I like this post

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Doing Tabata Exercises, Burpees, Jump Squats would be great as a home exercise too, for those who could not make it to the Gym for the day. It can be short and effective!

A wonderful training complex of exercises.

the gym needs to be in life to maintain the stamina of the body
nice post good luck @krood

Love the message!
So many people underestimate the power of regular exerciese and healthy eating patterns.
Healthy body = healthy mind translates to better, more regular output and much more stable and happy mood.
Once you recognize and consistently experienced the positive benefits of an healthy lifestyle beyond visual appearance you become drawn to it and it becomes part of your identity.
I've watched this over and over with clients:
When people finally make the mental mindshift from "30mins of grueling work ahead" to "I will feel so much better after, I really need this right now" the willpower needed to stick to a workout routine becomes less and less and habit starts kicking in.

Thanks for the post again, that was a nice reminder for myself and something I can preach to my clients again!
Take care

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No creo que esto sea posible pero igual es muy interesante tu post... El cerebro sabes lo que estas haciendo, no se secreta la misma cantidad de insulina, adrenalina, serotonina, endorfinas, dopamina, entre otras... cuando trabajas y haces ejercicios a que cuando solo haces ejercicios. Imagínate que hay personas que caminan 30 minutos diarios para llegar a su trabajo y el cerebro no procesa esto como una actividad cardiovascular.
Mi opinión, muy personal es que para que la actividad física haga su trabajo y tengas el resultado deseado debes hacerlo con gusto, con alegría, disfrutarlo, bien sea mientras trabajas o no, porque incluso trabajar en algo que te apasiona y hacerlo adecuadamente, acompañado de una sana y equilibrada alimentación puede tener los mismos resultados que una intensa actividad física...
Un voto para ti porque la intención cuenta.

Thanks for the nice post on what can be done in a minimum amount of time. Nice graphics as well. Some explanation of how the exercises are most effective could help improve this post. Sometimes its a micro difference in positioning. Add graphic for plank with explanation.

Good info! If I miss a couple of workouts I definitely don't feel as good. I am lucky that I can get to a gym on a regular basis but those who are not in a position to do that these are great tips!

ingenious sick propouse

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thank you

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It's really very good advice for whom. Who always excusing for office and don't wanna go gym for keep his body fit....
Thanks sir @krood for sharing this article...

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tnq for your importent post

First, I want to thank you for these valuable tips and information, and I want to know whether these tips are for men only or for women as well

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Good info and a good post. I need to try these exercises. I don’t work at a desk and usually moving most of the time at work but still a good idea to try these.

Very informative post!

This is also helpful to all mothers like me. though im busy with taking care of my little one, I still need to do exercises like these to help my brains function effectively and as well as my blood circulation. thanks for sharing this post.

How many bots are you going to use to promote this? Jesus Christ.

I'm assuming you're not a native English speaker since your profile says you're from Thailand.

The images can only help so much, you should have given proper explanations of each workout and explain why the workouts were chosen.

You should also link the images to where you got them from as a google search will show that they are not your original work. And since you showed an image for every workout, for the most part, why not show one for pushups? Every workout mentioned should have an image with it that shows the proper form to reduce risk and for better gain from the exercises themselves.

I'd imagine @Grumpycat would pay you a visit but I'm not sure if it's worth the time.


What's the problem with the bots ? Is it banned or what ?
I will try to cover in more depth in future, don't be so mad, it's one of the first posts ;)
Did you check the copyrights for the images tho ?


The bots are not an issue with me as they are with some people in the community. I was just expressing astonishment for how many you used and how much you spent on them. Bots are not banned, might want to check out @grumpycat's posts so you don't get flagged though.

I'm not mad nor was I mad. I was just offering some constructive criticism and I can see how it came off as me being a bit harsh or rude.

The copyright of anything does not matter if you post images or anything that is not your own work it is good form to give credit to the creator(s).


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Excellent post, especially the information of the beginning ... how much we do not ignore about these subjects! I'll be hanging when you post about hydration, I'd love to read it. @anaaguilar

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Super helpful!

very good Idea..
Everybody should try it

Our health is highly important, we should take good care of it.

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Genial hermano, estan muy buenos todos los ejercicios recomendados. Ya he hecho varios de ellos pero me falta disciplina y constancia para hacerlos regularmente. Buena información

This is very helpful! Thank you sharing!

I think that walking is always an excellent choice for all fitness levels. It is low impact and you can enjoy nature outside or walk with a friend. It is also convenient because you can do it for short spurts or longer durations.

Really educating.

Mind Body Soul, take care of those

YES! I have been doing a similar workout sequence over the last three years, plus random yoga sessions. It is keeping me fit.

So I add, this works well, ladies!

I am going yo take you 7 day challenge I also need the love handle work out .. but one step at a time I am walking on my manual treadmill and using my stair stepper machine so wish me luck. Thanks for this new routine and the work out time amounts

I work in gardening and during winter break I made up a rule of doing daily 150 to 300 reps divided in pushup, squads and crunches plus I go for runs and additionally I always do one set of reps after visiting the toilet xD. It's funny but efficient.

Just do it, and you always can do what do you want

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Nice will help a lot of professionals who keep on sitting in front of screen all day long. These exercises will also reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Keep sharing

Good to see such posts on trending page... Nice post, since i too am into fitness...

It is interesting this would help to my brother who always bush on work and could not get physically fit because no time in gym


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you don't have to go gym, can just get a cross trainer, do your exercise daily at home while working online, this is what I am doing. The good point is you can do it any time during the day, you don't need to travel to gym which may be far away, and no problem even it is rainy or sunny day...

thanks for these wonderful info ;)

very good information
for more information visit my page if you like :)

Thank for your information for us. I will say to anybody that healthy is very important.. No health no working..

So amazing idea man you can exercise with work on steemit @krood thankx for share.

I am a student and having fitness alomg with studies is of utmost importance. So sir i want to know how i can manage my time for both studies as well as fitness. Is there any alternative of fitness without gym. I found your post very helpful.
Thank you!

awesome post! keep it up

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It does take some time to acclamatise with a new routine but to keep of track on your souls temple viz body to keep it running longer is all about right diet and routine workout. Thanks for the post.

Great post!

So many people fall into the trap of thinking, well, I cannot go to the gym, so I cannot get a great workout in.

This totally not true!

Does your office have a flight of stairs--make a point to get up from your desk several times through out the day and use them!

Don't have much time before you go to work do this.

Do a set of push-ups--any version will do.

Finish those and knock out set of body weight squats , then drop to the floor and do some back bridges.

Finish off with some knee-ups done off the end of a chair.

As you get stronger up the reps/do another round of the exercises above.

If you happen to have a chin-up bar, you can do those, plus pull-ups as well.

Hope this Helps

ok day 1 of 7 lets do this

Sitting down is the new smoking!

A standing desk can work wonders if you use it right. As can a foam roller although they take some getting use to.

I sometimes use a headset to talk calls while walking instead of sitting at my desk too.

Excellent post, very true what you say, you have to have both body and mind in shape, in harmony, so that there is an optimal and total performance.

Excelente post!

Thanks for sharing such a very useful blog. I was searching this kind of blog.

Great post! I'm the kind of person that easily spends almost all day in a chair without noticing. Great exercises to stay active while I'm at the office ot lurking on social media on my computer.

Have tried HIIT training many many times . It really helps to build ua stamina. Most important thing is to maintain the passion of what or else u will keep trying all things without any results as inmy case

I’ve been doing this new thing challenging my body in different ways. I was getting bored in the gym just lifting weights. I got lazy and was staying rested for almost a month. So I decided to take up jump roping and jogging. I’ve never really done either but I can already so much progress and I’m having fun. But def keeping the body active is so important. Blood flow needs to be reached to all places of the body.

Thank you for sharing the good work.... Nice ideas and good article... Appreciated....

If anyone feels that hitting the gym day and night is the way towards fitness or even healthy life, then that is the biggest illusion you could ever have. There is no reality in that and the quicker we understand this it will be BETTER for us. I have learned proper way towards it due to this epic article, I think it is pretty epic.

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Iam new steemit user, I need your help in increasing my steemit

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