Aerobic Exercise (Rest of "C" List)

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Have you decided to which aerobic exercises you wish to do?

Is "A" and "B" Lists not appropriate for you? Do you want easier alternatives?

"A" Lists

  • power walking

  • jogging

  • aerobic dancing

  • stair climbing

These four aerobic exercises represent the best choices to satisfy your weekly aerobic exercise program because they are not only highly aerobic but also relatively easy to build into your life.

The "B" List

  • elliptical exercises

  • spinning

  • stationary cycling

  • indoor rowing

  • indoor cross-country skiing

These are exercises that while not quite as aerobic as those in the "A" list, offer good alternatives.

The "C" List

  • jumping rope

  • in-line skating

  • outdoor cycling

  • outdoor rowing

  • outdoor cross-country skiing

These are exercises that aren't quite as effective as those in the first two lists. This may be due to the fact that they can't be difficult to regularly build into your life, are too strenuous for you to perform for long enough to derive cardiovascular improvement, are dependent on the weather or may require a specialized skill. However, if you are able to perform these exercises, they most definitely qualify toward your weekly aerobic minutes.

The first two of "C" List are:

If you didn't choose or add these alternatives to your exercise minutes, let me give you some easier aerobic exercises

Here's the rest of "C" List you can choose from.

Again, to continue helping you choose which exercises are best for you, Here are the pros and cons of each below,
For each exercise, aerobic rating is included, a convenience rating, a risk of injury rating, an overall rating, and comments regarding who this exercise is most appropriate for and who is not appropriate for. All of the numbered ratings are from one to ten, ten being the best rating.

Outdoor Cycling

  • Aerobic rating: - 8

  • Convenience Rating: -6

  • Risk of injury rating: -moderate to high

  • Overall rating: - 6

  • This exercise is appropriate for: Those who live in a region with weather conducive to consistently exercising outdoors.

  • This exercise is not appropriate for: Individuals prone to orthopedic complications such as, tendonitis that especially affects the knee, ankle, and/or hip. Those with certain types of back and/or nack conditions. Those who are prone to accidents.

Outdoor cycling is a great way to log your weekly minutes. But if you do it, be sure to wear a helmet; accidents from biking are high. It's a good idea to select a route that has minimum traffic and few stoplights.


Outdoor Rowing

Image Source

  • Aerobic rating: - 6-8 (depending on the vessel)

  • Convenience Rating: -5

  • Risk of injury rating: -Low

  • Overall rating: - 6

  • This exercise is appropriate for: Individuals of all fitness levels, Those who for any reason have difficulty with fully weight-bearing exercises.

  • This exercise is not appropriate for: Individuals with back or neck conditions. Also, those prone to orthopedic complications that affect the hip, knees, ankles, shoulders, and/or elbows.

This requires access to a body of water and a vessel. A rowing scull is the most aerobic vessel to row due to the heavy contribution of both arms and legs. A kayak is somewhat less aerobic than using a scull, but it still provides a good aerobic workout. With a canoe, you are using primarily your arms: this vessel, therefore, does not represent the best choice. Regardless, outdoor rowing can be a fun way to accomplish your aerobic minutes. Not only you do get to enjoy the great outdoors, rowing doesn't place a great deal of stress on your body.

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Maybe jogging and biking is the most common exercise and is what I can always do.


Oh yes, we can say they are the most common and perhaps usually done.


Stationary cycling is the best for me, I can even stay at home while doing my aerobic exercise.


Good choice @mylichie, stay healthy

Very good tips and information about exercises. Jumping rope for me is more comfortable.
Thanks for always sharing @lisaocampo


Thanks for reading @ilovelichie. Keep fit and stay healthy.


I love reading your articles and sharing these helpful choices of aerobic exercises.


Ohh, thanks a lot.

I choose jumping rope 😁 , and other thing, activities of A and B provide same results or similar result?


Yes @criptoview, almost the same. "B" lists are exercises that while not quite as aerobic as those in the "A" list, they offer good alternatives.


Great, thanks for the info. Have a nice day. 😊

That's pretty cool to know thanks for the tips by the way, have a nice.........../


Thanks for dropping by @hangted

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