Get Back On Track - Aerobic Exercise ("C" List)

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Have you decided to which aerobic exercises you wish to do, "A" List or "B" List?

Well, you still have another choice, there is an easier exercise than the two lists if "A" and "B" is not appropriate for you.
The "C List

jumping rope

in-line skating

outdoor cycling

outdoor rowing

outdoor cross-country skiing

These are exercises that aren't quite as effective as those in the first two lists. This may be due to the fact that they can't be difficult to regularly build into your life, are too strenuous for you to perform for long enough to derive cardiovascular improvement, are dependent on the weather or may require a specialized skill. However, if you are able to perform these exercises, they most definitely qualify toward your weekly aerobic minutes.

And Again, to continue helping you choose which exercises are best for you, Here are the pros and cons of each below,
For each exercise, aerobic rating is included, a convenience rating, a risk of injury rating, an overall rating, and comments regarding who this exercise is most appropriate for and who is not appropriate for. All of the numbered ratings are from one to ten, ten being the best rating.


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  • Aerobic rating: - 10 (if your good)

  • Convenience Rating: - 9

  • Risk of injury rating: -high

  • Overall rating: - 7

  • This exercise is appropriate for: - Relatively fit individuals. Those who possess rope-jumping skills.

  • This exercise is not appropriate for: Beginning exercisers. Anyone with orthopedic complications that heavy jumping would aggravate. Those for whom a physician would not clear for vigorous exercise. This may include with individuals with heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure, and/or smokers.

Jumping rope is a highly aerobic exercise, but only if you are good enough to maintain a continuos workout. Jumpin grope is also tough on your body, leading to a variety of overuse injuries if it's dome too often. But you can't beat the convenience, especially for traveling. All in all, I think jumping rope is best as an occasional activity unless you can do it well and are relatively fit.

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  • Aerobic rating: - 8 (if your good)

  • Convenience Rating: - 6

  • Risk of injury rating: -high

  • Overall rating: - 7

  • This exercise is appropriate for: - Those who live in a region with weather conducive to consistently exercising outdoors. Those possessing the skills to perform in-line skating. Relatively fit individuals.

  • This exercise is not appropriate for: Individuals prone to orthopedic complications, such as tendonitis that especially affects the knee, ankle, and/or hip. Those with certain types of back and'or neck conditions. Those who are prone to accidents.

In-line skating is a moderate aerobic activity, but only if performed continuously. There are few things to keep in mind if you're considering it as a regular activity. For one thing, in-line skiing has a high injury rate from accidents. Don't forget to wear your helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards!
It's important to find an area that has a minimum of traffic without a lot of stop signs or traffic lights. A paved are closed to automobile traffic is perfect.
And, of course, you're at the mercy of the weather.

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Cool, I like the jumping rope. It doesn't require so much space and it can be done within the confines of my house.

Fabulous one!!!

Well i like to do excersice on hilly area more low oxygen i wanted.

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