Get Back On Track - Best Two Aerobic Exercises

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Have you chosen your Aerobic Exercise List?

Here are two of the best aerobic exercise That I can highly recommend for those who are physically fit individuals.

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And to help you choose which exercises are best for you, Here are the pros and cons of each below, For each exercise, aerobic rating is included, a convenience rating, a risk of injury rating , an overall rating and comments regarding who this exercise is most appropriate for and who is not appropriate for. All of the numbered ratings are from one to ten, ten being the best rating.

The "A" List

  • Aerobic rating: 7-8

  • Convenience Rating: 10

  • Risk of injury rating: Low

  • Overall rating: 9

  • This exercise is appropriate for: Just about everyone.

  • This exercise is not appropriate for: Anyone with orthopedic complications that make walking impossible or difficult. Also, very fit individuals who would benefit from a more vigorous activity.

Power walking

It is the best aerobic exercise, so, it's the one most people should start with. The chances of injuring yourself is quite low, it's extremely convenient, and it can be highly aerobic, but only if performed properly.

If you want this exercise to count on your weekly quota of exercise minutes, you'll want to be sure that you are power walking and not just walking. There is a distinct between the two. And if there is a downside to walking as a weight loss exercise, it's the fact that most people perform it at a very low intensity, much like they would walk to the store. In other words, they simply stay in their comfort zone.

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To properly perform the technique of power walking, you need to use good posture. Keep your chin up and look straight out in front of you, be sure your shoulders are pulled up and back. Keep your arms bent at a ninety-degree angle and swing them with your fist coming up to shoulder level before swinging back down.

If you power walk consistently, your pace should get faster the more you do it. This is a sign your cardiovascular system is getting stronger and your metabolism is revving up.

Here's a secret
As your pace gets faster, your percentage of body fat is decreasing

Power walking performed on a treadmill has the distinct advantage of allowing you to control the grade or hill. It also allows you not to be dependent on the weather.

Practice your power walking now if you like. Once you are confident with your form, you can take a test walk on the pace that will bring your results.


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  • Aerobic rating: 10

  • Convenience Rating: 10

  • Risk of injury rating: Moderate to high

  • Overall rating: 8

  • This exercise is appropriate for: Relatively fit individuals with no orthopedic or medical complications.

  • This exercise is not appropriate for: Beginning exercisers. Anyone with orthopedic complications that jogging would aggravate. Those whom a physician would not clear for vigorous exercise. This may include individuals with heart disease, lung disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and/or smokers.


It iis a highly aerobic activity that can produce quick weight loss results. It's also quite convenient to perform. However, jogging ia a high impact exercise and carries the risk of a variety of overuse injuries.

Jogging may not be your best choice if you have high blood pressure or heart problems, are quite overweight, smoke cigarettes, or have any other medical condition that would be aggravated with such a vigorous activity. Your physician can help you decide is jogging is right for you.




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Soon I will start an exercise routine, and I am reading everything I can about it, I like the data you give in this post:

As your pace gets faster, your percentage of body fat is decreasing

Well i do aerobatitic exercises but these days i a m busy.well it should be an awareness to some of the new people.i also learnt something new from you.


Thanks, @techxegama. Please keep reading the continuation that I will post as soon as possible. And please, if you have time, you can also read back the previous article about this fitness program.

So sad to say these poer walking is no longer appropriate for me.

Exercise is good for health. It must be done.

La verdad, me encantan los ejercicio llamados aerobic, me despejan la mente a la hora de realizarlos. Un poco diferente a correr o trotar, son ejercicios de coordinador mas que todo.