Get Back On Track - Shrug Roll & Heel Raise

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The Shrug Roll

Stand erect with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your arms down at your sides. Begin the exercise by bringing your shoulders up toward your ears as though as your shoulders will go. Pause for a second at the top of this range of motion, then roll your shoulders back while squeezing your shoulde4r blade together.
Again, pause for a second, then drop your shoulders back to the starting position. You should simple breathe naturally throughout the entire exercise. Continue until the entire set of fifteen is complete.

The amount of weight that you select for the shrug roll should not cause undue strain but should cause a slight burning sensation by about the tenth repetition. Since there is a very little movement of the weight in this exercise, you can probably use more weight than you think you can. Begin with a five or ten pound of a dumbbell in each hand. If you can complete repetitions easily, you should add more weight.

Lower Leg Exercise

The muscle of your calf and shin help you to stabilize your body when you stand and when you perform activities such as walking and climbing stairs. It's important to strengthen your lower legs so that your exercise becomes as effective as it can and because shin is particularly vulnerable to an inflammatory condition known as "shin splints."
You're particularly vulnerable to this condition when you walk, jog, or climb stairs when you begin an exercise activity or increase the level of your current exercise activity. In fact, the approximately 60 percent of those just beginning a walking activity will experience some degrees of shinsplints. In most cases, an act of stretching combined with strengthening exercises for the calf and shin, as well as properly warming up will, prevent this problem. The exercise I recommend for strengthening both your calves and shins is the "Heel Raise".

The Heel Raise

This exercise is best performed standing on a board approximately two inches by six inches by thirty-six inches or any raised surface and with your heels on the floor. while keeping your feet approximately twelve inches apart and your knees straight but not hyperextended, slowly raise your heels as high as possible and hold for a split second before slowly returning to the starting position.
You should exhale on your way up and inhale upon returning to the starting position.
Continue until the entire set of fifteen set is complete. Next phase you will perform this exercise holding dumbbells. Begin with a ten-pound dumbbell in each hand. If you feel you can complete fifteen repetitions easily, you should probably add more weight.




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Beautiful .. Thank you words, we must learn patience
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

At my age now, this shrug and heel exercise helps a lot for me


Then you have to do these exercises @natruelover

If first of all to avoid cramps as you say and you are very right a good warm up and stretch well each joint, and the shrugging exercise I like very much because it gives it shape, on the other hand it is so when it burns is that we are already at the maximum of repetitions in that exercise and that we can no longer continue, but it shows how well we are working that muscle.

you explain it very well keep it up ..


you wel come

The exercise system is very fantastic. In this way we can easily learn.


Easy huh, follow it.