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We continue to follow and benefit from what we've already accomplished in the previous activities. Do continue to increase the amount of exercise that you perform, including the strength training exercise. The key is to maintain your weight loss success on a permanent basis because it keeps your body internal "metabolic fire"burning calories at a high level even when you're not exercising.

As you continue choosing and/or doing the aerobic exercises, here's another aerobic exercise from "C" List.

And Again, to continue helping you choose which exercises are best for you, Here are the pros and cons of each below,
For each exercise, an aerobic rating is included, a convenience rating, a risk of injury rating, an overall rating, and comments regarding who this exercise is most appropriate for and who is not appropriate for. All of the numbered ratings are from one to ten, ten being the best rating.

Outdoor Cross-Country Skiing

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  • Aerobic rating: - 10

  • Convenience Rating: - 5

  • Risk of injury rating: - Moderate

  • Overall rating: - 7

  • This exercise is appropriate for: Individuals who live in a region with a climate conducive to skiing. Individuals who are proficient at the cross-country skiing technique. Very fit individuals.

  • This exercise is not appropriate for: Beginning exercisers. Anyone not proficient in cross-country skiing technique. Those prone to orthopedic complications that affect the hips, knees, shoulders, and'or elbows.

Outdoor cross-country skiing is considered the most aerobic all-around exercise. It thoroughly trains both your arms and legs. But, obviously, it requires a specialized technique that takes time to learn. Finally, you need to be rather fit to enjoy this vigorous activity.

The fun but not optimal list

Remember that for the following activities you can only count half the number of minutes that you actually perform them.

Recumbent Cycling

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  • Aerobic rating: - 5

  • Convenience Rating: - 7

  • Risk of injury rating: - Low

  • Overall rating: - 6

  • This exercise is appropriate for: Those who are not overly concerned with losing weight. Anyone with orthopedic complications that prevent them from doing any other exercises.

  • This exercise is not appropriate for: Individuals whose primary goal is to lose weight. Very fit individuals.

Recumbent cycling requires the use of a recumbent bicycle. You are essentially bicycling while seated, with your legs out in front of you. Not only is all of your weight supported, but this exercise can be performs with little effort, which is why it is not highly recommended as a weight loss exercise. However, it is appropriate while recovering from an injury or as an occational break. It is also a great warm -up!


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