Benefits of Protein Shakes: Everything You Need to Know

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Fitness enthusiasts are increasing every day. Everyone from men and women to old and young are becoming obsessed with body fitness. Aside from exercise, food and beverage also plays a vital part in achieving your dream fitness goal.

Protein shake is such a beverage that not only keeps your physic toned but also helps to build muscles and boost your metabolism rate. Intake of protein from natural resources is not always sufficient for the body and that’s why it’s better to adopt different protein shakes in your diet chart.

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Types of Protein Powder

There are several different protein powders available in the market. Though all of them serves the same purpose, a few of them has some distinctive qualities.

Whey Protein

This is the most commonly used protein powder and is loved by all for obvious reasons. The Whey protein powder is absorbed by the body very quickly and easily.

Egg Protein

This lactose and dairy free protein powder offers a high rate of essential amino acid, lysine. Although this powder has a medium metabolism speed, it is a high source of energy for human body.

Soy Protein

This is a great alternative for vegetarians and packed with all essential amino acids.

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great healthy drinks

i will have soy protein. u could add some information about these.
It would be great that way. Thanks


Soy could be problematic, because it contains bigger amounts of estrogen. Doesn't effect your hormon levels much, when you use soy rarely.
When you're a vegan i would recommend rice or pea protein. If you got further questions, ask!


Hey friend.... I'm agree with you eggs have good protein... We have desi eggs from hens... And i wish that one day I will send you a dozen of desi eggs