How to Save the Environment - Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Today

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To truly do your part for the environment, and save the environment, you need to think bigger than just one small step. You need to change your lifestyle to match the earth's needs and the growth of the planet. This is not as hard as it sounds, and a lot of people are doing it successfully. Here are some simple tips to help you start on the right path.

*POLLution: The old adage, "the only thing that hurts the environment is pollution" couldn't be truer. This isn't even about smog or what happens when you have a cigarette. All forms of pollution damage to the environment, from the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the earth's water cycle, to the depletion of natural resources, and all the rest. The more waste that we create, the more we throw away, pollute, and destroy. To truly do your part for the environment, and save the environment, it doesn't matter how much you're willing to spend on environmentally friendly products, when you are making the effort. It only matters that you do your part.

*Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Greenhouse gases are leading causes of global warming, and if we don't stop burning fossil fuels, they will continue to drive up our planet's temperature. There is no way around this. It is literally impossible to reverse greenhouse gas emissions, or to return the earth's temperature to pre-industrial levels. So, it's either we go completely green, or we get to the bottom of our problem, and start protecting the environment at home. Recycle, reuse, and reduce in all ways possible.

*Emissions from Transportation: Cars and other large vehicles emit huge amounts of pollution, primarily because they burn fuel excessively, and exhaust fumes. In most cities, driving a car is one of the most addictive forms of transportation. When you drive a car, not only are you consuming fossil fuels, but you are also emitting pollution in the form of smog, which is a mixture of chemicals and harmful gases that cause a variety of health issues. There are solutions, however.

*Reduction in Energy Use: If everyone used another great saving suggestion, it would be enormous. This one isn't always as easy as it sounds. There are all kinds of ways that people use energy more efficiently, without even realizing it. For example, many homes are now taking advantage of efficient heating and air conditioning systems. Some homes have gone so far as to eliminate their central air conditioning unit entirely. By taking such drastic measures, we can significantly reduce the amount of energy use, while still leaving the home comfortable.

*Carbon Dioxide Emission: Every year, cars are putting out more greenhouse gases than they were in years past. These emissions are one of the leading causes of the deterioration of the planet's atmosphere and climate. One of the best suggestions for reducing carbon emissions is to buy a hybrid car or a car with a smaller engine size. Not only is a hybrid, better for the environment (the engine is clean burning, and produces very little pollution), it also reduces the possibility of global warming. And if you're a fan of the outdoors, you'll appreciate that hybrid cars are also much more practical and fuel efficient than their gas-guzzling counterparts.

*Regulation of Pollution: The fact that there is no longer any regulation whatsoever on the amount of carbon dioxide that is being spewed into our environment speaks volumes. The previous attempts to control this pollution have proven to be nearly impossible. It is not a new problem, it has been around for decades, but the solution to this dilemma is clear. If nothing is done about the pollution, it will continue to worsen and destroy the planet; something nobody wants.

So what is the solution to all this? First of all, we need to stop consuming fossil fuels. We need to adopt a different lifestyle, and shift to electric vehicles (EVs). Second, we need to regulate the way that we use energy and fuel, so that we can continue to preserve the earths environment and avoid climate change. The last suggestion is the most important, because it will make sure that the earth stays healthy for us and our children in the future. All of these measures are already in place; the only thing we need to do is just to implement them.

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