Day 3/30 Apple Cider Vinegar Challenge (vlog)


Good morning, friends.

It is taking me a little bit longer to finish my ACV drink this morning because I wanted to make sure that my stomach was going to be okay.

You might be wondering WHY this is an issue?

. . .

Well, in this video, I mentioned being surprised that I wasn't completely wrecked after livestreaming for 4 hours with my friend and co-worker, Matthew, from Crypto, Trader, News.

Some idiot ( << that would be me ) thought it'd be funny to livestream and take a drink every time someone invoked the trigger word: "TRUMP"

I'd like to add that NO ONE from work tried to talk us out of it. 😆

And I'm fairly certain that NO ONE really wants to watch 4 hours of debate and discussion but I'm including it here anyway. WHY NOT? lol

If you're curious, this is what I was doing last night.

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Day 3 of the Apple Cider Vinegar Challenge is done.

See you tomorrow!


created by @kookyan

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