~~Sleep and its remedy late~~

3년 전

All day long, peace is brought to sleep during the day. The next day's work span provides a perfect night's sleep. But almost every person in the present time is a big problem, unable to sleep or at the right time. And due to this problem, due to this problem, physical and mental problems are causing problems. Therefore, it is very important to keep the sleep routine in place every day, despite the fact that it is a workplace. Some rules to comply. For example,

  1. Every day you should go to sleep at a certain time. Regular sleep habits will develop in this. Likewise, it is better to build habits of sleeping at the same time in the morning.

  2. It is good to keep the house completely dark while sleeping. Because of which there is no light sensitivity in the brain, it is possible to wake up early.

  3. An important part of insomnia is diet. Heavy food should be cleaned before dusk. Because of tea or coffee caffeine, it should be avoided after noon.

  4. It is very important to build physical work habits. Exercise or physical work is done through a regular walk. It will get tired of sleeping body soon.

Also, sleeping rooms should always be kept clean. The body and mind will be refreshed. Before sleeping, the practice of watching mobile or television will be dropped. Because these can cause insomnia. Above all worry must be free. For the removal of insomnia, the doctor may be able to seek help.

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