Kicking My Addiction to Diet Mountain Dew

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I don't drink. I don't smoke. I've never taken an illegal drug, but I drink Diet Mountain Dew like it is water!

That is until now! I've finally decided to kick the habit! I have not had a Dew for 24 hours.
My long journey begins!!!


I'm not sure what exactly what pushed me over the edge to make this decision. Maybe it was the many articles I see flash past me about the dangers of Aspartame, maybe it's because I feel miserable if I don't have my first Dew by 10:00am, maybe I noticed that everywhere I go, I seem to have a cup in my hand. I do know this, this stuff cannot be good for me!

I like to buy the 6-pack of 24 oz. bottles (that way, it does not have time to go flat). I usually down 4-5 bottles of that a day. I'm at the grocery store twice a week restocking my supply.


I know I've got a massive caffeine headache in store for me. I’m not worried about that, I’ve suffered through them before and I know it will pass. The biggest concern for me is my addiction is the “fizzy” feeling in my mouth. That is going to be the hardest thing to lose.

I’m hoping that some of you might have suggestions for what are good and healthy replacements for DMD? So far, all I’ve been drinking is water with sliced up cucumber. I’m thinking of trying cantaloupe in water.

I’ve also been reading up on Tonic Water/Seltzer Water/Club Soda to see if I can come up with a healthy alternative to achieve the “Fizz Feeling” (obviously I will not ingest the same quantities I did previously with DMD, I just need a once-a-day change-of-pace drink).

Please let me know if you have found something that works. I’m open to all suggestions!


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Oh my God, PREACH! Yes, yes, yes, I am hooked on the Diet Mountain Dew myself and I know it's terrible for me! Much support to you. I haven't tried to kick it lately. It's just so perfect. And I mix it half and half with Bai Clementine Antioxidant Infusion and it's so damn refreshing. Sometimes I think my entire life is powered by Diet Mountain Dew and I would simply ground to a halt without it. I have a huge bag of empty DMD 20 ounce bottles ready to take out to the recycling.

Much respect for your quest. I just followed you so I can see your progress and see if it's possible.

I know what you mean about the fizzy. Last time I was hooked on diet soda it was a few years ago and it was actually Diet Sprite, which was terrible, but not as bad as DMD. But I kicked it eventually by first watering it down with Pellegrino and then gradually adding higher and higher proportions of Pellegrino to my glass till that was all I was drinking.

Wishing you the best of luck!


Thank you very much for your support.

You could try Lemon water. I usually juice half a lemon and add to cold water, you could do less than this though I just tend to enjoy the sourness. It's very good for you and you could even try with club soda/tonic water.


Thanks for the input. I just purchased a couple of lemons and limes and plan to start experimenting.

In our house, Pepsi was the addiction!!! I found that more than anything, I wanted something with FLAVOR but no calories and junk, I looked into fruit infused water and man oh man! SO GOOD!!! If you have access to getting a fruit infuser water bottle it will change your life lol black cherry with lime is delicious and tastes like juice. Strawberry with watermelon. Cucumber with mint is VERY refreshing for hot days or work outs. raspberry mint is really good too. Basically any fruit. The trick is, if it is a dense fruit, poke lots of holes in it or sort of mash it or the flavor wont release and cut any other fruits into small many slices to optimize flavor. Citrus fruits are really good but if you leave the fruit in too long, it starts to taste like the peel and if you add an herb, drag a fork across it to release flavor hahahaha None of this helps with missing the fizzy but that craving goes away anyhow. I tend to buy frozen fruits and just stock up. That way I can make smoothies or flavored water and I dont have to worry about fruit going bad. OH also, raspberry apple water is good too :D good luck!


Thanks for your reply and for your suggestions. 4 days and still going stro....... well, still going. I've got my daughter scouring Pinterest looking for green tea recipes. I will look into that fruit infuser bottle.

I hear ya. That stuff is like crack cocaine.


Yeah. My problem is that I drink it by the bottle, not by the gram.

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