You urinate a lot of foam? !watch out!

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The human being is composed of many organs responsible for keeping us alive and in good health and for this to be so we must take care of it, however in many cases we are so careless that we do what we please and we do not take care of our body, for when it manifests with symptoms and we decided to act on many occasions it is already late.

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In the case of urine, we know that one of the most common physiological needs that we do daily, through urine, eliminates a lot of the toxins that our body does not need, but sometimes we urinate but do not pay attention to what goes out by means of it and not only for questions of the tonality of said fluid but also what appearance it may have.

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Sometimes if your urine comes out with a lot of foam it can be something caused either by the container where you urinate which may have some substance as a disinfectant for example, but if not and continue to expel urine with too much foam be very careful because you can There is a problem with your kidneys and you do not know it. Could go from excess protein, cholesterol in the blood, diabetes, kidney failure and even to get to have some damage to your kidneys and that can not be played.

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If you get to suffer from these symptoms do not prolong it and go to your doctor to perform the corresponding exams, remember that we depend a lot on each organ of ours and as such you have to take care of them either with a good diet such as going periodically to the doctor for a checkup . Do not play with your life because it can cost you dearly even life, get tested and get out of doubt!!


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