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Its indeed very painfull and depressing when someone close to you is being hit by this disease especially during and active crises, most of which includes painfull crises.
The bulk of this is found in Africa and the condition is pathetic .
For the benefits of those who dont know what sickle cell disease really is,
Sickle cell disease is a genetic disease that manifests in offsprings of parents that has a sickle cell gene and this can manifest in the offspring and will end up subjecting them to medical care for almost the entirety of their lifes if at all they leave. It resuts in so many health complication because of a defect in their red blood cells which makes it impossible for their red blood cells to carry sufficient oxygen for the bodies need.
They usually need series of blood transfusion to balance off their inadequacies but it is usally not good enough thereby reducing their quality of life.
They have so many crises which include Vaso occlusive crises, Sequestration crises, aplastic crises and haemolitic crises.
Sincerely speeaking, your heart will bleed when you see this children suffering from this conditions.

The good news here is that this condition can be prevented by just knowing your genotype and not making children with someone with a sickled cell if you also have a sickled cell and you can know this by just doing your genotype.

Is there a treatment for this condition?
The answer is almost a NO for now but that does not mean there isnt hope fgor the future because so many resaerches are being conducted and a particular one has so many positives and that is STEM CELL TRANSPLANT.

Its good we raise more awareness for this condition so as to make sure innocent children dont suffer for it

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