Gotta nourish to flourish

3년 전

The best a beast can eat when he or she is hungry and doesn't want to spoil his/her appetite by eating unnecessary calories which become a burden to shed and which in turn becomes remorseful for all of us.
Health is serious concern in today's fast paced life with more busy day to day life we get less time to workout and we all sit on our asses consuming junk foods harming our bodies slowly without us taking notice and only figuring out the damage when it's done.I know it's hard to lead a life where we eat clean, workout and manage our professional lives along as well.
I know it is easier said than done but at the very least we can make an effort to control our eating habits and workout a minimum of half an hour daily. Believe me you will be surprised how your body changes because i have experienced this firsthand myself.
The goal is to eat good not less as we keep on going on diets leading to no good.
Stay healthy and happy steemians
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