Sit long time in same position

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Almost all of us know that having an office job where you work in one seat all day is a catastrophic health problem. Not just being in the same position for 8 to 9 hours daily affects your physical health. There are also risks to health, ability to work and digestion. What does working with your body do all day? And how can we avoid this catastrophe? Let us tell you.

Back pain

According to research, sitting all day is the first thing that causes spinal cord and back pain in a person. To avoid backache, you first need to adjust your sitting position over time. Have to change. Sitting in the same way causes back pain, so it is important to change the position of the sitting over time, while a walk in the office can be helpful. Impact of Blood Flow: Constantly sitting, your blood flow to different parts of the body can lead to fatigue, swelling, and joint problems. To prevent blood flow to the office. Walking in will be extremely helpful. Physical Quality Impressed:

If you feel that you are lying down while using a computer, immediately adjust your body condition. According to research, sitting too late can have the most negative effects on physical quality, which can cause severe discomfort in the shoulders, neck and waist. To maintain physical condition it is important to adjust your position every few minutes. ۔ Don't sit down and change the way you sit. Risks of diabetes: Recent research published in the NCIB has shown that prolonged sitting may cause a person to become diabetic. If you feel any muscle weakness or pain during movement, consult your doctor right away.

# Oxygen Deficiency

In the human body, breathing does not take place properly when no one is sitting because the sitting man does not find adequate space for the lungs to spread. This affects the breathing process, which results in breathing problems and mental impairments. If you want to avoid this condition, take a lightweight walk after a lunch break in the office.

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