Eat When You Want

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Don't Let the Clock Dictate your Eating Habits

Breakfast or Break Fast is considered the first meal of the day. Why? Because accordingly, you've been sleeping and fasting for seven to eight hours or more without eating and now you're hungry. Or are you?

I'm not always hungry when I awake. Sometimes I'm not hungry until 11:00 or 11:30 AM. From the time I wake until the time I'm hungry varies, as it does with anyone.

There are a number of factors why I may not want to eat when I first wake up.

  • I had a large meal the night before

  • I'm constipated

  • I'm sick with a cold

  • I have a headache

  • I've been too busy to think about eating

So could any of these factors result in my delay in eating? Maybe. Am I worried? No!
So I grab some toast and scramble one egg.

So Here Comes Lunchtime

I prefer a sandwich to a hamburger for lunch. But sometimes I just settle for a smoothie or some fruit. If I have the time in my busy day I will put together that cold veggie sandwich that I love though. But only if I'm hungry.

And then, Whoa. It's already the end of the work day and I'm thinking of dinner with family. They always make it a big deal to have dinner together. My daughter loves to cook, and bake, and select wine -- Often. And, I love it.

Maybe subconsciously I've waited for this last meal of the day because I wanted to truly savor the succulent shrimp, sweet wine and luscious dessert.

So, eat when you want. Just eat healthy and don't lose sight of what your body is telling you. If you desire some junk food at some point during the day - just do it. Be Happy!

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It is healthier to eat only when you are truly hungry and not be dictated by the clock. It isn't always possible when everyone around you is eating.

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Mmmmm. Shrimp, wine and desert. That's given me an idea....