Diet Maintenance Program

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October 22, 2018

Female 58 years old, 5'6 in height

I just finished a 4 mile run! My husband and I have been walking 2 miles a day for 2 years and increased our mileage this summer. After I lost 20lbs this last summer, I felt fit enough to start running again.

To prepare for running I upped my summer walking mileage to 8 miles a day. My husband and I still walk 8 miles a day five days a week. Walking soothes my anxiety and takes away my joint and muscle pain from fibromyalgia symptoms. I also take Turmeric with pepper extract for my muscle and joint pain, the main ingredient in Turmeric is Curcumin. The product I take is called BodEase, there are dozens if not hundreds of turmeric/pepper products to choose from, I pop two tablets on an empty stomach, which helps absorption, in the morning before I start exercising and 2 tablets before bed. I noticed a huge reduction in my hip, knee, feet joint pain and muscle pain.

My husband and I walked 4 miles at 5:30am in the morning because Oklahoma temperatures can reach over 100 degrees with high humidity by midday. Early morning temps are usually in the 80s and easier to handle. In the evening I would take another 4-mile walk, my husband stayed home because the heat was too much for him.

When fall arrived I started my running program. I would walk one block and run one block for 4 miles for one week. Every week I would add another block to my running schedule and include a hill or two to run. I run 3 days a week right so my old body can rest and I won't hurt my joints. My husband doesn't run, but he takes evening walks which are still 4 mile walks on the days I run in the morning.

The weather is perfect, almost freezing! Perfect weather for running long distance. At this time I can run 2 miles at a steady jog, which includes two steep hills without losing my breath. If I start losing my breath, I walk until my breath steadies and start running again.

I read older people like me can continue to run up into their eighties without a large loss of endurance and speed. The only thing older runners need to be aware of his/her injuries. That's why I am taking it easy and slowly working my way up to a ten-mile run.

Right now I can run an easy two miles without stopping. I started running around mid-September, and each week I have seen my endurance and stamina improve. I haven't run since I hurt my back and lost the use of my right leg back in 2003! I suffered a back injury that damaged my lower back (L-5 vertebrae) and the nerve that runs down my lower right leg. Walking and diet returned my reflexes and years of yoga have given me my flexibility back, but I was afraid of experiencing that horrible pain I suffered for 5 years straight after my injury to start running again.

I dumped my fear and I am not looking back!

I bought a family membership to the YMCA gym,located near my house. The building has gone through a recent remodel and has a large play pool for the grandkids, the lap pool for me (I love swimming long distance too), cardio room, weight room, and lots of fun exercise, yoga, and cooking classes. I like the YMCA because the organization is about living a healthy, happy, moral life. I can't curse when I am working out, hahaha!

The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), often simply called the Y, is a worldwide organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, with more than 58 million beneficiaries from 125 national associations. It was founded on 6 June 1844 by George Williams in London and aims to put Christian principles into practice by developing a healthy "body, mind, and spirit." These three angles are reflected by the different sides of the (red) triangle—part of all YMCA logos.

The YMCA center accepts anyone no matter one's beliefs, gender or religion, but you must respect their rules, which I gladly do! Everyone is very respectful, and the center helps those who cannot afford a membership, the elderly, and those who suffer handicaps.

My husband and I go to the gym 3 days a week, we work out with weights, cross train with cardo-machines and swim laps. We take the grandchildren swimming twice a week if their schedule allows. Both my grandkids are busy with after-school activities like rugby, dance, and engineering programs. I know that's weird engineering, but both kids are mathematically and spatially gifted.

I joined the gym because winters can get very cold and I want to continue running no matter what the weather is doing, and I want to swim, swimming works out every muscle in my body, and I get to stretch without having to carry my body weight. My husband loves the idea of going to the gym and has seen improvement not only in his strength and weight but his energy and psychological well being has improved.

October 22 2018=150lbs, I've gained some muscle weight!

August 23 2018=145lbs

Mid June

May 1st 2018=165lbs


Warning -- Every Person Is Different. This Is My Personal Ever Evolving Journey

I've read many articles that claim diet is a four letter word, it is nasty and causes people to gain weight, eating disorders, etc. Words are empty of any meaning until we give them meaning, how we react to words depends on our conditioning. Losing weight for me is mandatory if I start gaining weight, my health and chronic immune system illness called fibromyalgia demand I keep my weight down, or I will become ill, ending up with chronic infections, joint problems, and debilitating fatigue.

My last diet update and links 2 months ago. I would like to add that I am not giving any advice, but I would like to inspire people to find their unique path to a healthy life.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1993 and tried the traditional protocols my doctors prescribed me, nothing has helped reduce the symptoms except diet, exercise, and meditation. When I was going through pre-menopause symptoms, I had a difficult time figuring out what was fibro symptoms and what was menopause. When I look back through my 50s, my knowledge gained from working with my fibro symptoms have helped me figure out what my older body needs to stay healthy and fit.

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Wow dear friend you looks very different and healthy just look this photo

Great transformation. Regards


Thank you dear friend @dim753, thank you for your support <3


You're welcome @reddust great see you here again :). Regards

At age of 58, you are very active and healthy. It shows you have been taking care of your health.

My elders told me to take turmeric mixed in milk, it is good for pains and provides you relief.

This post is very useful and motivative to people who give up. If you had given up in 1993 when you got Fibromyalgia the result wouldn't the same as it is now. Fighting with a disease is a courageous act.


Dear @aamirijaz, I am finding out that age is not limiting my self-improvement! Without health everything else pales and loses importance. I love curry sauces, and I used to make golden milk years ago, which helped my immune system. The extract from turmeric and pepper have been refined, so the large molecules are more accessible for the body to absorb, the pepper extract enhances the turmeric anti-inflammatory actions, the results are amazing, better than any pain-killing medicine I've tried through the years.

I made my immune system dysfunction my friend instead of my enemy, and I have learned so much about growing older, wiser, and stronger from not giving up!

First it's nice to see you again! I was little worried, coz you were not here! But according to your monthly photography I see you gain a huge progress of your body shape and weight also! Thank you for these nice tips! I see few white hair on my head! That means I also getting old and have to think more about my health! Thank you for these valuable tips you shared! Thank you and nice to see you around my dear friend!



@theguruasia, I bet I have more grays than you! But I am surprised I don't have more grays, which makes me happy....lolol

Gray is like winning the silver medal, you reached a milestone in the race that always ends in death, thankfully we are alive to enjoy our life and friendships <3

Just walking 20 minutes a day will help the body clean itself out and revive your engines ;-)

Glad to see you after long time.4 mile run That is so great.Your age is 58.You very wonderfully maintain your fitness.Exercise is more important in our life in our good health.You are right winnter are coming weather is so cold.You never stop your walk and your excercise.Daily running gives you many benefits.Really to much improved you body.Your muscles.Now you looks so smart.Thanks for sharing great health tips.@reddust.


Thank you for your kind support @asadchughtai, I love the cold, my genetics are from the cold northern part of the world, so I function better in the cold, I wish I could handle hot weather though. Here in Oklahoma, the heat of the summer sucks the energy out of me. Walking has help up my energy level, so the weather isn't as debilitating.

I am proud of you my friend and have truly missed seeing you here. Mom has had the fybro and arthritic pain for at last 15 years. She walks but at 88 is very cautious. Keep up the good job and kind blessings. - Troy


I'm sorry your Mom has to struggle with these painful auto-immune issues, at her age, it is hard to get up and start moving but I have read several articles regarding the elderly, exercise, and diet, even at an advanced age can help improve the quality of life.

I missed my friends here on Steemit @enjoywithtroy, but I do not enjoy posting on social media sites, and I will be writing articles on the dangers of social media this coming winter. Earning crypto was not the reason I joined Steemit, I wanted to experience the blockchain and how an economy could be formed using cryptocurrency and digital data. Working on Steemit has brought me friendship and interesting lessons regarding an economy...hehehe

Welcome back @reddust after long time later. Your diet maintenance is always highly appreciable. You are 58 years old but you don't look like 58. Still you are very fit and beautiful. We all should take care our health to be fit.


I look 58 years old when I wake up in the morning...hahaha

After I drink a quart of filtered water and exercise all my wrinkles fade away and I look younger, life is but a dream. ;-)

Thank you @msena, and I am happy to be back, taking a break helps me have a positive outlook towards online social sites like Steemit.

after a long days, i saw you. how are you dear..........

your diet maintenance. buddhist school are missed by me.....

now you look too fatty than some days ago..... i don,t know what the reason...


@jevelin, my husband and I will start writing and posting my Buddhist articles soon. Thank you for your support and I am so happy you liked our work <3


i think you and your husband are at extraordinary mutual understanding....

How are you? After many days your... & soo cute look my dear friend @reddust .love you


Thank you @moniroy, I took a break from the internet and I am happy to be back on Steemit. My family and I are doing well and I hope you and yours are doing great too!

Its good to see you that you are stick at your diet plan as well as reduce your wait consecutively. One more thing is that using turmeric as medicinal effet thats pretty popular at here. Good luck for both of you, just carried on.


Turmeric makes a yummy spice for curries to @sheikh27, it has been one of the best painkillers I've found without the nasty side effects pharmaceuticals have given me in the past, I hate the feeling painkillers give me, making me feel tired and my mind feels blurry, out of focus.

Beautiful lady, excellent job


Thank you kind @dobartim (hugs)

Wow..Exercise has refreshed you. In order to keep body and mind good, our exercise and good food are very important. Inspiration post.


I think exercise is the best medicine for all humans, it is a universal medicine we all can benefit from, thank you @itzzzsumon.


You are welcome..and Yes! I agree with you about this. I'm exercise to maintain fitness..@reddust.

I was so happy to see you. I miss the quality and original content. And look great. @reddust


You are too kind @turkishcrew, I think the quality of my writing and art has improved, but I am a horrible writer, my grammar and sentence structure are awful, thank goodness for Grammarly, an online editing site which has helped me improve my writing.

is that true that you already 50s?, you looks younger

hehe btw, i used the simple workout everyday, only 8 minutes per day. you can visit this youtube channel


Thank you @calprut, I thank my Mom and Dad for my looks, hahaha

I will check out your channel, have a great day.

great post @reddust

Magnificent work.. Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. Exercise along with food is very necessary.

Oh, you look great! I love that you have achieved a good rhythm of life and that you share it here.

Realy great action

That is amazing that you tonned up your body well. and well being fit is all what matters to stay healthy. keep flourishing!

hello beautiful, checking in on you and wow, running a few miles is so very impressive especially given your fibromyalgia. Keep up the great work!